Woman, 98, charged with murdering 100-year-old roommate

Laura Lundquist, 98, was indicted on a murder charge for allegedly suffocating and killing her nursing home roommate, Elizabeth Barrow, age 100. Lundquist, who apparently has dementia, was angry because Barrow was "taking over the room." From The Telegraph:
She is believed to be the oldest murder defendant in the history of Massachusetts but might never go to trial because of her mental health issues...

Miss Barrow's son, Scott Barrow, has said Lundquist complained to nursing home officials about the number of visitors his mother received. He also has said Lundquist had made "threatening" and "harassing" remarks to her.

The two women had been room-mates for about a year. Scott Barrow has said he asked nursing home officials to separate the women, but they assured him the two were getting along.

In a statement, the nursing home said the room-mates acted like sisters, walked and ate lunch together daily and said, "Goodnight, I love you," to each other every night.
"Woman, 98, accused of killing 100-year-old room-mate" (via Fortean Times)