100-word fiction contest: Vote for the winner!


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  1. drew826 says:

    What an honor to be included among such fantastic entries. Thanks guys!

  2. comparanoid says:

    I have to say, I was very impressed with the awesome creativity displayed by these contestants. Bravo! I also liked that it was put up for a vote and it was interesting to see the readership choose the same top three, in the same order, as my own preference. At least until the ballot box got stuffed.

    I DID enter the other recent writing contest (the literary writing style mash-up) and was just as impressed by the entries. There are some seriously talented people on this site! Too bad the administrators decided they couldn’t put that contest up for a vote, too, but perhaps they were worried it would turn into a voting contest, not a writing contest.

    I’m a writer, and not too tech-savvy, but isn’t there a way to curtail, if not prevent, over-voting? Perhaps only registered BB users could vote? Or that you couldn’t vote in the contest unless you were a registered user BEFORE the contest was announced. That, alone, would seriously reduce the number of sham votes.

    I dunno, I’m just wishing there was a better and faster way to do this. Plus, I feel for the administrators: it has to be a shitload of work to choose a winner with so many people competing.

  3. rjjrjjr says:

    Loved them all. I understand why each of the entries were included because there is some serious talent represented here. In the end I think it came down to subject matter. For me, Sanborn’s space age spirituality tickled my fancy the most. . . but I loved the teleporting dog and the computer program which, if everything worked out, certainly would have been much more than 100 words long. . . by substitution, of course. . .

  4. Random_Tangent says:


    She’s a lady.

  5. acrocker says:

    Thank you for being such a gentleman. I had followed this contest closely, and the last time I looked at it was the 24 hour mark where I was 2nd. I assumed the poll would have closed soon…

    Whichever way it falls, I am honored to be a part of this contest. There really is some incredible talent here! I’m really happy that there was such a huge response. Great job, everyone.

  6. sanborn says:

    The results at the current 36-hour mark are different from what they were at 24-hours.

  7. sanborn says:

    You make some good points, comparanoid.

    I’d like to add that communication could be better. Originally, the contest said “P.S. — there are runner-up prizes, too!” But as far as I can tell there was only ONE runner-up prize. If that’s the case, then that’s what the contest should have specified.

    I wish I knew more about what happened with this contest, but apparently my emails drop into a black hole. I’ve written twice and gotten no reply.

    Is it just me? Has anyone else heard from them?

  8. cellocgw says:

    re femaletrouble’s story: it’s cute, but smacks of a pastiche of PKD short stories. That is, not particularly original.
    I suppose I should have voted for the nice doggie, but I’m aware of my personal bias. I love dogs too much to let myself be swayed that way.

  9. xCleverPoet says:

    FemaleTrouble3′s piece is by far my favorite here. I don’t particularly see the Philip K. Dick resemblance…at all.

  10. Xopher says:

    I will refrain from whining about having to pick just one. They’re all magnificent.

  11. Anonymous says:

    they were all good. I happened to really like the acrocker story about the golden retriever. It was intriguing and funny at the same time. All of them were really good though.

  12. xCleverPoet says:

    Xopher – very true, I’d have to concur as they are all great.

    Have you seen the new literary competition…there is some serious talent in the BoingBoing readership!

  13. dculberson says:

    Okay, you’re right. Those are some seriously good entries and it’s really tough to pick just one.

  14. toryhoke says:

    I believe sanborn is right.

    IIRC, voting result percentages were consistent for the first 24 hours of voting, putting my story fourth, sanborn third and acrocker second.

    An enthusiastic friend drummed up support for me toward the end, and I believe the current percentages reflect his efforts.

    I am thankful for getting a chance to play, and I regret making simple things complicated. I suggest ranking my story below sanborn’s and acrocker’s is more fair.

    Thank you, everyone.

  15. RadioGuy says:

    Might I suggest you add an update to the original post linking here?

    It would make this post easier to find for those who have been checking the original for updates/results. (That’s what I’d been doing).

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Rob Beschizza says:

    Indeed! I took a look at ~24 hours but evidently forgot to set a timer on the poll. Toryhoke, you are certainly a gent.

  18. Thought Grime says:

    Drew – I agree with you very much! Thanks guys!

  19. toryhoke says:

    Wow! I am flattered silly. With all these great entries it was hard to vote for myself — but I persevered.

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