Blondie - We Three Kings Music Video (2009)

The band has a new album coming out in 2010, too.


    1. I think Debbie looks beautiful here. Always was and always will be.< ?i>

      She’s pretty much the fifth element.

  1. The singer looks almost as real as the backup band! Muppets are so much more lifelike and weird than CGI. awesome.

  2. My mother’s best friend once had this band stay over at her place while they were on the road. They trashed the place and stole her guitar.

  3. > Debbie seems to be having trouble cramming all the lyrics into each verse

    Debbie seems to be having trouble cramming all of herself into that leather jacket.

  4. If your Mom looked this good at her age you would invite every one of your friends over just to stare at her. She is gorgeous and the rest of the band rocks!

  5. look at that. 4 chords, no discernible guitar solo, single-cam cheap video shot with nary a prop.

    those young punks are making a mockery of rock music!

  6. My sarcastic comments aside, I loved Blondie in the 70s and her voice still has that unique awesome sound.

  7. nope. she sounds fine, and she doesn’t even look ugly, just… out of it? Like someone’s mom, depressed and slightly loaded (medicated?) doing karaoke at a holiday party. maybe if this was some sort of big turnaround, like she had had an accident, or a stroke, and was getting better i’d cheer with everyone else…

  8. Television! – or how about The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping” (both bands had Billy Ficca on Drums)

  9. I quite like some of Blondie’s late 70s stuff. But that was…crap. Seemed more like something I’d see on a sketch comedy show, parodying what Blondie would be like now.

    Nostalgia may be clouding some perspectives. But that’s just my opinion (I wasn’t born when they came out, so the band don’t mean anything more than some decent songs to me).

  10. I love Debbie Harry and Blondie, and it’s always good to hear them. But I’ve seen high school garage bands have higher production values than this. Come on!

  11. I think they sound great and have held up pretty well. But I’m dying to know, what years and models did Fender make Telecasters with two humbuckers and a Strat headstock?

    1. Prob the “72 Reissue” Keith Richards also played the original Tele Deluxe – it was made from the early 70s to 1981 then Fender started reissuing them in 2004.
      Debbie is 65 and for that age looks and sounds beyond phenomenal.
      I thought this version of the song was good not great.

  12. I wonder why they did this? Promotion for their new album? They all look so bored, like they’re just doing someone a favor…

  13. I’ve never been a big fan of cover songs, so maybe I’m not impartial..but this just sounds kind of tranquilized. Just…”rock ‘n rollling” the song doesn’t really add much too it, the end result is more frenetic but not more emotionally engaging or interesting than the original..which it seems is not that hard a target to reach!

  14. MMMMmmmMmMMmmMMM….heritage cherry sunburst Les Paul…Arrlllgghhrrrlll

    Yarrrr, cant stand when editors get the drum syncing wrong. Hats in the VERSE, ride in the CHORUS! argh!

  15. She looks good, her voice sounds good, rockin’ intro.

    Pity about the song choice and what’s with the chipmunk-esqe “Merry Christmas People and happy new year” bit at the end?

    Ah well. Perhaps the album will be far better than this lousy cover?

  16. does the job… I like it… Hit…

    anyway, I’m an old unreformed punk… was 20 back in ’77, played bass in a band back then… great times…

    ain’t got any hair left to do a mohawk with anymore though…

  17. Wow, Debbie looks much better than I remember her from that free concert Blondie played in Boston back in 2004.

  18. They sound and are awesome. Great sound. I find many of the comments about looks amusing..all you ugly wugglies and below average Joe’s commenting on a lady that looks great and is thrice your age. If only..if only we could look into our magic computers and see all you trolls at home being oh so critical. Now that would be funny!
    Great job Blondie!

  19. Wow! I love it, too. It’s over the top fun! And I love the fact that they froze their ass’s off in a dreary setting…kinda like their pokin’ fun at the whole thing.
    I also think Debbie Harry looks great for sixty-something! And that Paul Carbonara….I’d tap that if I were her..he’s HOT!!!
    Butterfly Davenport

  20. It’s sooo fun..I love it! Thank you Debbie and the gang! They still rock and look great for their age. I only hope I look that good at sixty five in the freezing cold…shiver…wouldn’t they at least let ’em inside? I don’t think they damage things anymore.
    And I don’t believe the comment about..”My mom let them stay at her house and they stole her guitar”….? Really?
    The Pope stayed at my house and stole my pointy hat.Dork!

  21. A guy named Mike Gaylin shot and directed this video. Check out an alternate version to this one. It’s really good. Here’s the link…

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