Video is the Paint: a guest art-dispatch from Kristen Philipkoski

I know writer and editor Kristen Philipkoski as a former colleague from Wired, and was delighted when she pinged from the recent Art | Basel fair in Miami with an offer to send Boing Boing short dispatches about what she saw there. I'll be posting a few of them over the coming days. Here is her first:

Video is the Paint
Kristen Philipkoski

In a video installation built by the creative Brooklyn duo Sweatshoppe, an LED roller paints video onto any wall. It looks like magic. Using a programming language called Max/MSP, Blake Shaw wrote software that makes projected video visible when it comes in contact with the LED lights in the roller. Shaw and his partner Bruno Levy let attendees at the Scope Art Show in Miami try out their system by painting an enormous video of a woman licking away at a popsicle.

In the video above: watch the technology in action, you won't believe it's not special effects.

After the jump, a photo of Kristen trying it out herself.

Video Paint.jpg


  1. Trent Reznor did this during the “Lights in the Sky” tour on a scrim, with (as far as I could tell) a smart mic. It was jaw-droppingly cool.

  2. I went to a party on campus (I go to Blake’s school) and he did some similar stuff with the green laser. Its going to be interesting to see where Sweatshop goes with this; he has a few more laser tricks up his sleeve.

  3. The impressive part of this to me (other than the creative idea) is how low of a black level the projector has.

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