Which airlines offer WiFi, on what flights, and for how much?

Jaunted has compiled a very useful report and printable chart on which airlines offer in-flight WiFi, on what routes, and at what price.


  1. I flew on two Delta flights while visiting the US the first time this year (as well as a few other flights, but they aren’t relevant here).

    The first Delta flight, they couldn’t get wireless working. After cabin crew “reset” it a few times, they still didn’t know what to do to get it working.

    The second, I got a free voucher to use the wireless. Sweet. I tried the voucher and couldn’t connect to the wireless again. I asked the attendant to try and get it working and again, after a few attempts, she couldn’t get it working. She told me she’d *never* seen it working on a Delta flight, and she’d worked with Delta for a number of years.

    The report really needs a “reliability” column too!

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