Care Bears made of rice, carrots, and hot dogs


Want to make a special edible Care Bears lunch for your kid (or yourself)? This is just one of many fun cartoon-themed bento box recipes in a new book by Face Food author Christopher Salyers called Face Food Recipes. Making neat, creative bentos is a Japanese tradition that has recently taken off as a web phenomenon; there are lots of blogs that showcase lunch boxes themed after everything from video games to traditional woodblock print art.

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    1. Hey, it can’t be any more traumatic than the Dora-head ice cream featured on boing-boing in the past…

  1. What is it with Bento boxes? My (German) friend is crazy for them as well. Though as far as I know, she mainly concentrates on buying plastic containers from Japan at a ridiculous price, and never actually packs this kind of lunch.

    Maybe I just don’t get it. Yes, cute, but qould you want to eat it?

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