Good Ol' Gregor Brown comic from Masterpiece Comics


Another great example of R. Sikoryak's admiration for the source material on which his Masterpiece Comics parodies are based. The lettering here really looks like Schulz'.


    1. Oh man, I don’t want to be that guy. But, in the Peanuts strips, adult voices were used in rare instances, although the adults were never pictured. It was the TV cartoon that used the muted trumpet (and then the kid would just repeat what the adult had said: “You want me to sit down, Miss Othmar?”). So this is accurate. Charlie Brown’s mother was occasionally present and talked to him from another room.

      But yes, this is really nicely done. I’m glad he got the lettering correct. It always bugs me when someone does a parody but missing such a key part of comic strips.

  1. I hear you bobcatgoldfinger. Just think if someone were insensitive enough to make a comic version of the Holocaust, using animals like mice and pigs to depict the humans.

  2. While “The Metamorphosis” is Kafka’s best known work, I much prefer “In the Penal Colony”. Which, “In the Penal Colony”, rendered in Peanuts, would be utterly hilarious.

    //Charlie would be the captain, Lucy the interviewer.
    //And the machine would go OM NOM NOM.

  3. Sikoryak’s visual pastiches can be variable (it’s hard to duplicate the style of an artist who uses a brush when you’re using a pen), but I think this one may be his finest. Down to the lettering (as others pointed out), he has Schulz’s style in his blood. The Sprang Batman “Crime and Punishment” is more inspired, but this one is supernaturally true to its cartoon inspiration.

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