Toaster looks and acts like a printer


Here's a neat kitchen gadget — a toaster that "prints out" toast. It allows you to feed multiple slices at once from the feeder at top, and spits out finished products from the bottom. It's a concept by Othmar Muehlebach, and it won second place at a design contest in Switzerland last month.

Artist's main page via Designboom


  1. It looks awesome… but if it actually “acts like a printer”, then I imagine that any time I really needed a piece of toast, it would come at the expense of 45 minutes of troubleshooting nebulous/unspecified errors, and several ruined pieces of bread.

    1. It probably won’t butter up, but I bet it’ll jam up!

      Mind you, when you’re having problems, you can always hold down the right buttons when you turn it on, so you can print out a piece of test toast!

  2. Would be much more cool if it could print out designs on the toast by varying the heat level as the toast went through the “printer”

  3. I want one that will toast text that I want on the bread.

    I’d have it put my GCal Reminders on my breakfast.

  4. Great,
    Except only the back end of the toast will still be warm when it is finished. The first end out will already be cold!

    Unless it is super fast ;)

    Also, looks a bit like the toasters i saw in a youth hostel once.

  5. I remember discussing this invention with a friend a while ago. The picture is misleading, notice the oddly perfect shaped/sliced bread. Realistically, bread from US grocers is thicker (various thicknesses) and much shapelier around the crust. We concluded that auto loading toasters would be too prone to jamming. We should have thought of making bread the size and shape of copy paper. Happy Holidays.

  6. The trick is to get it to actually act like a printer, by printing/burning images and text into the bread. I have arbitrarily decided to be unimpressed until it can print a word document. (Because that would be a useful thing to do.)

  7. So does this differentiate between American bread and Australian Bread? You know – they’re different sizes (A4 vs 11×17)?

  8. Hmm… surprisingly uneaven toasting for a moving toast type toaster. Makes me suspect that it’s not real.

  9. It’s a concept that should stay a concept. Who needs cold bread that’s got a brown stain on each side? Nobody who wants toast.

  10. If the bottom tray had a heating element in it and perhaps some sides this would be very handy when cooking food for multiple people that require toast (i.e. a delicious cooked breakfast).

    You’d just load up the number of pieces of bread and leave it rather than keep loading more toast while you’re frantically trying to make sure those sautéed mushrooms don’t burn.

  11. If I’ve run out of bread can I toast crumbs? Is there a toaster strudel setting in the driver software, or some generic settings like sticky, stale or glossy?

  12. The friction from each slice sitting against each other will not allow them to slide down into the toaster (Bread is not smooth like sheets of paper. Also – crumbs issue. Also – my toaster makes up to 4 slices at a time.
    I could go on . . .

  13. I like that it looks like a googly-eyed dude wearing a hat. But I’m a weird guy. And that would mean the toast is coming out of his neck, which is a little gross.

  14. If it really was like a printer, it would soon run out of heat, and you would have to replace the heat cartridge, and it would turn out to be very expensive …

  15. I see it has brightness and contrast controls. Does it do duplex printing? Do you need a separate cartridge for bagels?
    – SayBlade

  16. If it’s anything like printers I’ve dealt with, you’ll be out of butter every time you go to use it, and you’ll need to have several slices loaded before it’ll realize there are any there. Then it’ll suck in two slices at once, rip them up, and if you’re lucky the pieces might come out the other side.

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