Christmas tree made out of bicycle parts


This Christmas tree in London is made out of recycled bicycle wheels, donated by a non-profit that ships bike parts to Africa to help with health care transportation in rural areas. A neat idea executed by a cool architecture firm, even though I don't think it really looks like a Christmas tree.

[Architects Journal via Inhabitat]


  1. it looks like something i would see in front of a route 66 “desert museum”, possibly erected next to a wine bottle christmas tree, but not too close to the license plate wind chimes or folks might confuse the message.

  2. Funnily enough, I woke up to see this “tree” this morning – it’s just outside the Bermondsey Square Hotel in London.

    1. JoshP | #6 | 17:59 on Thu, Dec.24 |
      needs aggressive ninja LED throwies. and nog.

      “i never thought it was such a bad little tree.
      it’s not bad at all, really.
      maybe it needs just a little love.”
      –linus, a charlie brown christmas

      i really hope someone takes on your assignment, i mean idea.

  3. There are pieces of plastic attached to a couple of the spokes on each wheel, and I very much hope this is to catch the wind and send the wheels spinning. Assuming this is the case, I agree with JoshP: LED lights would have been nifty.

  4. Christmas bells are ringing…
    Christmas bells are ringing…
    Christmas bells are ringing…

    On TV. At Saks.

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