Julie Newmar as April Conquest


One of the highlights of David and my careers as technology journalists was meeting the beautiful Julie Newmar about 15 years ago. (She and Jerry Pournelle signed wooden cheese cutting boards for us).

On Cartoon Retro, Shane Glines posted some screen shots of Julie from "The Monkees Get Out More Dirt" (1967). He says, "Look at the size difference between Julie and Davy Jones! Avatar without the special effects."

Julie Newmar as April Conquest


  1. The three women of the screen I have always always loved are Myrna Loy, Diana Rigg and Julie Newmar. There afre others of course but those three were always so iconic. And it’s not so much an indication of how tall Newmar was as it was proof of how freakin’ short Davey Jones was.

  2. Julie Newmar’s height is listed as 5’10”, while Davy Jones is listed at 5’3″. So it kinda-sorta IS similar to the proportions seen in Avatar, just on a little smaller scale.

  3. Although she doesn’t know it, Julie Newmar was instrumental in my first sexual experience. (I originally included the adjective “manual” in that last sentence, but I figure that goes without saying)

    I’m betting there are a lot of men my age with similar stories.

    As someone else mentioned, Diana Rigg was also one of my early “partners”. It still takes my breath away to see photos of either one of them from that era.

    1. That’s actually kinda touching man.

      (I just realized I should say, “No pun intended.” Really, none is.)

  4. So now I’m supposed to try and sleep imagining an event that brings together technology journalists, Julie Newmar, Jerry Pournelle, and wooden cheese cutting boards? With or without cheese?

    That detail will be revealed right?

  5. *cinema-geekout*

    It’s not Special Effects if it’s added in after with CGI. Special Effects are things like on-set explosions or cars flipping, anything that physically happens and is captured on camera.

    Visual effects, while originally refering to optical tricks and illusions used in film making, is now the term used to refer to after-the-fact CGI work as well, having largely supplanted the older usage because illusions in film aren’t used much any more.

    ~D. Walker

  6. In The Marriage Go-Round (1961), Julie warns Susan Hayward that she’s bigger, better, smarter, stronger, prettier, faster … and so on, and that other women are correct to feel threatened by her. Yep.

  7. Myrna isn’t grasping the “banana in the tail pipe” trick. :)

    I’ll agree with the Myrna Loy, Diana Rigg and Julie Newmar grouping, with a dash of Bettie Page, Yvonne Craig and Lynda Carter.

  8. Julie holds a couple of US Patents for ladies undergarments. Note that one of the examples on the USPTO website ‘advanced search’ page features her inventions:


    Plug ‘in/newmar-julie’ into the query box as suggested. You get Patent #4,003,094–‘Pantyhose with shaping band for cheeky derrier relief’


  9. Back in the 90s, I did some visual effects work on a Monkees TV movie, working directly for Mike Nesmith. (He was nice.) The rest of the Monkees were in the facility I worked in and I caught glimpses of each here and there.

    I ran into Davey Jones while leaving the restroom. He came up to about my chest, about the same as the photo above, and I’m only 5’8″. So Ms. Newmar must be about the same height.

    On another note, when I entered the Monkees’ temporary production office in our building, it was filled with super-hot young women. Once a rock star, always a rock star!

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