Nightmare Alley, the musical

  V-3Gbtengj8 Svsv6X5Wrbi Aaaaaaaagak Ofmnhiob5Ta S1600 Nightmare+Alley A musical theater adaptation of one of my favorite fiction books, William Lindsay Gresham's 1946 noir carny novel Nightmare Alley, will premiere in April at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. As my brother Bob wrote when he emailed me this news, "I can't wait to hear the geek sing."


  1. This sounds interesting, but before seeing the cover of the Signet paperback, I had mistaken “Nightmare Alley” for “Damnation Alley”, and had visions of songs and dances about crossing the post-apocalyptic wasteland in a glorified RV…

    1. Heh! I’d forgotten about that film. Has there not been a post-apocalyptic musical yet? We should write a script for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: the Musical, and get Tina Turner to reprise her role from the film.

    1. Surely someone is planning the musical version of They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

      There was a version done in Denver in the early 90s. Kander and Ebb wanted to adapt the book, but the rights were tied up; working in the same milieu, they and David Thompson came up with the debacle that was Steel Pier.

      Pesco: I haven’t heard anything from Nightmare Alley, but Jonathan Brielle is pretty talented, so I have hopes.

  2. “How did I guy get so low? He aimed too Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!” Sure. I can see it. Is it too late to get Patti Lupone for Zeena?

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