Report: China sentences Tibetan filmmaker to 6 years for documentary on Tibetan refugees


7 Responses to “Report: China sentences Tibetan filmmaker to 6 years for documentary on Tibetan refugees”

  1. ecobore says:

    Ah yes, freedom of speech. One of the cornerstones upon which the great Chinese nation is built!

  2. Nadreck says:

    Keep’em coming Xeni: this is the sort of atrocity that both the mainstream media and self-proclaimed “Progressives” routinely ignore in order to ride their own, insignificant hobby horses.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When is the rest of the World going to WAKE UP and send a message to China? Not only should there be a political body of some sort to stop such behavior (no, not the Human Rights Council or the UN, who seems to really do nothing when it comes down to it)? This is maddening at best.

    If nothing else, seriously… can’t we all stop buying junk made in China and send a message that way? I realize people keep thinking and saying, “oh, that’s just how it is”, but if you think that way, go have fun in jail in China. We don’t need you.

    Sorry, I’m absolutely outraged that this sort of thing is tolerated in todays’ societies. We suck. WE ALL SUCK.

  4. benher says:

    America is never going to ‘stand up’ to China – it’s indispensable yet awkward business partner for the new Millenium. The USA is already completely preoccupied in an entirely separate region of the globe for the purposes of acquiring fossil fuels.

    I don’t expect they’ll be issuing any stern threats to the PRC about human rights just to defend non-tangible values such as ‘freedom.’

  5. Anonymous says:

    But hey, the US nor most ‘Muricans won’t condone this, after all, most are addled on that cheap shit from Wal*mart coming here undermining the US economy, more-so all those stockholders and all those people getting rich outsourcing perfectly good products that were made in the US to save a few pennies for a consumer, lay off thousands of workers in the process, and make a handful of people all quite rich in the process. Pull up the veil people, this is what your consumer product choices get us, all from a country with no concern for human rights. There is a scary man behind the curtain, and it’s us.

  6. dotytron says:

    I can remember when almost everything in Walmart was made in America…little flag stickers everywhere.

    I wonder how Sam Walton would feel if he knew that his children were hugely responsible for the decline of his country?

  7. Nadreck says:

    How is Walmart to blame for any of this? It doesn’t matter who sells the stuff, there isn’t any North American made stuff to sell. We don’t make anything any more since everyone decided that it was shameful to be a Maker and everyone wanted to work in an office: preferably a Hedge Fund office. If Walmart disappeared tomorrow we would still have moved all our manufacturing facilities to southern China. Walmart had nothing to do with pioneering that: it was the manufacturers themselves.

    The only differences between Walmart and almost all of the rest of the retailers here in Canada are ones in favour of Walmart: they don’t price gouge on the same local or foreign products; they contribute more to local charities; they pioneer green construction and building techniques; they have a way better record on supplier human rights issues; and so on almost endlessly. Only Honest Ed’s and the occasional Crappy Tire come close.

    Given their enlightened attitude towards copyrights (they’re against DRM and so on as it raises their costs) and minimum wage (they’d like a higher one please as they can afford it better than their competitors can) and several other things that I can’t trust my (now closed) government for I have high hopes that Walmart will solve an issue near and dear to my heart: Canadian price-gouging on generic drugs whereby almost all the price difference between brand and generics magically disappears between the manufacturer and the consumer.

    BTW – if you don’t want to buy Chinese made guy’s underwear your only viable choice is Stanfield’s – Buy Canadian! (I tried some Mexican ones once to try and escape covering my ass with Chinese made crap and regretted it ever since – painful!)

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