Steampunk wedding cake


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  1. Anonymous says:

    THE GEARS DON’T MESH CORRECTLY! ARGH! The gear profile used isn’t correct, but at least it’s not something other than the steampunk cycloidal gear profile traditionally used by watchmakers.

  2. Marchhare says:

    Looks a bit slavic for Steampunk.

    This occurred to me while noting all the Flickr streams around here: I’m surprised that given the concern for human rights at BB that so many people (here-ish) still use Yahoo! products. E.g.

    Just look at him.


    “a television show about brides-to-be with very particular ideas about the themes for their wedding cakes”

    The Wedding Industrial Complex is really getting out of hand. Seriously, would you want to be hitched to someone who’s only satisfied with a cake that’s fit for its own TV show?

  4. Abelard Lindsay says:

    Seriously, would you want to be hitched to someone who’s only satisfied with a cake that’s fit for its own TV show?

    I’ll betcha you would if you were Ryan Naumenko.

    • scifijazznik says:

      I’ll betcha you would if you a whore were Ryan Naumenko.

      Fixed that for Ryan.

      • scifijazznik says:

        Uh….let’s try that again.

        I’ll betcha you would if you were a whore like Ryan Naumenko.

        Fixed that for Ryan, and now, myself.

        Never engage in early ad hominem attacks before coffee

  5. BillGlover says:

    The last cake on the Cake Wrecks link was the groom’s cake for our wedding. Jerri completely surprised me. The layers were red velvet and spice cake and all of the outside detail was sheet chocolate instead of fondant. It was tasty. The baker, Bronwen Weber, was inspired by an image she found of Alex Holden’s Steampunk Dalek

  6. MrJM says:

    You sure that’s not Eastern Orthodox-punk wedding cake?

  7. Metostopholes says:

    Wow, I personally prefer the Gothic cake. It makes me want to have my wedding on Halloween… Like, in Disney’s Haunted Mansion or something. ^_~

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you like this, Cake Wrecks posted a whole series of awesome steampunk cakes recently:

  9. nck wntrhltr says:

    A real steampunk cake would serve itself while playing a calliope tune.

  10. David Carroll says:

    I really admire artists who put that much work into something so impermanent, except as photographs of course.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Was the wedding’s theme “Mystery Science Theater”?

  12. Anonymous says:

    That is such a cool looking wedding cake, it doesnt even look like a wedding cake…more like a building from the Bohemian village in Moulin Rouge.

  13. rtresco says:

    It’s a stretch to call this steampunk. But it is a good looking cake.

  14. tonesfrommars says:

    Here we go with STEAMPUNK again. Why is this cake steampunk? (whatever the hell that is)
    Because it’s got some “brass colored” bits on it? because someone thinks the flowers cascading down the front look like “gears”?

    Get a real meme !! PLEASE

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