Exploitation documentary about hippies

"You know there's something happening, but you don't know what it is." Here's the trippy trailer for "The Hippie Revolt/Something's Happening," a 1967 mondo documentary on those far-out flower children. Something Weird Video offers a full download of the film for $6. (via Dose Nation)


  1. Far out and groovy, indeed. Whatsies!!! I so want to be a whatsie!!! Now just to figure out what the hell that is!

    It’s interesting to compare this to the various videos from 70s and 80s news programs I’ve been watching about punks the past 2 days. There are lots of similarities of course, but the punk ones, especially those out of LA and post 80, tend to focus on the violence to the exclusion of nearly all else. What is funny is how often punks are compared unfavorable with the 60s hippies (who have magically morphed into kids with a cause! “They did something! They weren’t nihilistic like these damn punkers!”). Might have to look into this as a class resource!

  2. “I couldn’t tell if you were a hippie or a werewolf! AhHaHaHa!!”

    Texas cop to Phineas

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