Gigantic-huge Diesel watch: "Super Bad Ass"


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  1. Boondocker says:

    I didn’t even know that watch boxes existed until this post. I suppose I should have assumed.

  2. Saskplanner says:

    Wow. I thought I was the only one with THAT serious a watch addiction… I still have my first LED from the Emporium in San Francisco from 1975.

  3. retrojoe says:

    Agree with #13: Most quartz watches under $300 use the same low grade movements coming out of China, or maybe a lower end Swatch group movement (if you’re lucky).

    And those black on black chrono hands? A lesson is in how to render something immediately useless right off the line.

    Lastly (for now) the custom shaped strap: Yours will break 6 months after they stop making replacements.

  4. bellebouche says:

    What a delight, the perfect bling for those who’ve undergone a tastectomy.

  5. alowishus says:

    Hey Cory, somewhere I have a Casio watch that tracks the movement of the planets. It has a little Solar System model on it. Serious. Nanner-nanner, goo-goo.

  6. thebassguy says:

    HUGE watch, unfortunately, but I can never understand why more watches don’t have functional compasses, which can me more useful than knowing the time!

  7. Tony Moore says:

    i think that’s awesome. i love it.

  8. Xopher says:

    I’d get one, but the diesel exhaust would annoy my office mates.

  9. Anonymous says:

    what?! no emergency whistle or decoder ring?!
    (cf MAD #15 Captain Tvideo)

  10. GauchoAmigo says:

    You have to be careful when buying a watch with a built-in compass (if you expect the compass to work), because the watch’s battery can throw the compass off.

  11. strunkl says:

    55.5mm. seriously.

    I’m pretty sure the gigantic watch trend is rapidly becoming played out. Even if I’m wrong, 55.5mm is outsize by even the most hipster of standards.

    As soon as Diesel returns to making wrist-sized timepieces again, I’ll return to buying them. Until then, I’ll just laugh at them (and you if you buy one).

  12. Vengefultacos says:

    Black hands on a black face. Perfect watch for Hotblack Desiato.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jeez -55.5 mm ? Have they run out of imperial units?

  14. Cunning says:

    Badass? Bitch, please. My watch has a DZ1318 inset on the bezel. It’s called the Resonator because it make my arm look like it’s stuck in an MRI machine.

  15. Chupacabara says:

    55mm? Flavor Flav says “Whatchoo want with that tiny thang?”

  16. Ernunnos says:

    Nice watch? It’s a cheap commodity quartz movement with an equally cheap and easily scratched mineral crystal, slapped in a unnecessarily large and graceless case with a gumball machine compass. Completely disposable.

  17. Teller says:

    Jinxed. No – Just look at it.

  18. Robert says:

    55.5 mm? That sounds enormous…ly uncomfortable. And is it Diesel because it’s black on black? Like oil on an oil-soaked sea bird?

    • bkad says:

      Robert, Diesel is fashion brand that makes a lot of things (known for their jeans in the US). They also have a couple watch brands (Fossil, Diesel). My subjective opinion is that Diesel watches are some of the most profoundly ugly timepieces I’ve ever seen, but there’s a certain set that’s into that. ;-)

  19. cosmorphis says:

    I don’t see what’s so great about it … and the only thing gigantic-huge, is the photo.

  20. scifijazznik says:

    Speaking as someone with a light to moderate watch fetish, that thing is beyond ugly.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i’d remove the strap and mount it as a wall clock – awesome

  22. Comedian says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like telling time, so I put a watch in your watch so you can tell time while you’re telling time.

    (I probably crossed some internet line with this post, but I did learn of this meme from the oft-linked “Know your internet meme.”)

  23. Anonymous says:

    The compass is a nice touch. Your lost if you’ve got this watch.

  24. Chupacabara says:

    BIG is the new Black.

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