Case of the haunted scrotum

In October 1996, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine published the following missive and photo contributed by JR Harding, a consultant radiologist at the Royal Gwent Hospital:
 Blog Files 2010 01 Hauntedscrotum A 45-year-old man was referred for investigation of an undescended right testis by computed tomography (CT). An ultrasound scan showed a normal testis and epididymis on the left side. The right testis was not visualized in the scrotal sac or in the right inguinal region. On CT scanning of the abdomen and pelvis, the right testis was not identified but the left side of the scrotum seemed to be occupied by a screaming ghostlike apparition (Figure 1). By chance, the distribution of normal anatomical structures within the left side of the scrotum had combined to produce this image. What of the undescended right testis? None was found. If you were a right testis, would you want to share the scrotum with that?
"The case of the haunted scrotum" (via Mind Hacks, thanks Vann Hall)


  1. another ridiculously beautiful headline from bb. right up there with “maggot cheese tries to eat your eyes.”

  2. Did they rule out the possibility of an absorbed twin? Maybe it got hungry and ate the other testis.

  3. Barry Zuckerkorn: Those are the pictures?
    Wayne Jarvis: They’re all over the news.
    Barry Zuckerkorn: [scrutinizes] Those are balls.

  4. I still don’t think it’s as weird as the fact that particular gonadal tumours can produce tissue types usually found elsewhere in the body. There are, for example, numerous cases of women with ovarian tumours containing teeth.

  5. Sam Brown, you have to get out of here! Your ball is haunted! (to paraphrase an issue of Tarot, by way of Chris Sims)

  6. I am so glad this is not an unborn twin. There are not enough unicorns int he universe to rectify that…

  7. If it looked like Jesus, would religious folk have made a pilgimage to see it?

    Can we have this auctioned on eBay, like the images of JC on toast, vegetables, etc. etc.?

  8. Hmm. When asked to speculate what actions I would take or what feelings I might have were I an undescended right testicle, I find myself nonplussed.

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