The Irritation Waltz, after Nokia, after Tárrega

Behold Marc-André Hamelin's Valse Irritation d'après Nokia, the stuff of nightmares. Subtle, enduring nightmares. [via Giz.]


  1. I just saw Marc-Andre Hamelin in concert a few weeks ago. One of the legendary living pianists. (Not that you can tell per se from this funny video, but look him up on youtube.)

  2. I wish people would stop uploading music onto youtube. It’s a waste of server space and bandwidth.

  3. I love this! Appeals directly to my sense of humor. More please!

    As far as uploading music on youtube — what would you suggest instead? It makes uploading easy, and just about anyone can play it without using or downloading extra software. I’m not aware of any ‘music only’ service that works that way.

  4. My friend Luca, a musician-and-student-but-oh-today-I-suddenly-realized-I-dont-want-to-become-a-lawyer, forwarded me a less irritating fugue based on the same theme. Thank you, old boy.

  5. Ha! First I LOLed, then I remembered a concert I heard of M-AH. He burned through Liszt’s second piano concerto, he came back to play one of his own (serious) compositions as an encore. He was at the quietest, most sensitive part of the piece when someone’s cell rang. The reaction from the audience sounded like ten thousand people being punched in the gut simultaneously. So yeah, this is definitely a classy way to laugh this off.

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