Could it be ... El Dorado?

Researchers used Google Earth satellite images to find the remains of an ancient city in the Amazon basin—including 200+ earthworks laid out in geometric shapes in the middle of the jungle near the border of Brazil and Bolivia. This is a fantastic find, sure to be a game-changer in our understanding of the history of Amazonian peoples. But, despite Times Online speculation, it will probably not turn out to be a City of Gold.


  1. Does anyone have a kmz file? I’d already read the article, and, well, that’s a pretty long border to search…

  2. That’s a pretty awesome success story! It’s amazing that using a free, publicly available tool can lead to discoveries like that. Hopefully there will be more.

    1. Satellite imaging has been used this way before, just not Google Earth’s stuff. Payson Sheets did a lot of work with NASA images in Central America, including Costa Rica.

  3. Gann’s Lost City of Z is a great read, if you like this sort of searching-for-lost-explorers-and-civilizations-in-vicious-and-horrifying-deepest-jungle stuff.

  4. It’s just after lunch on the West Coast, so…one of the early 20th Century explorers in aforementioned jungle region woke to see that his arm was moving beneath the skin. He slit it open with a knife to find a small colony of maggots feeding on him.
    Sorry, Hawaii!

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