Cute Things Falling Asleep

Above, one of the many Cute Things Falling Asleep that you will find on the blog called Cute Things Falling Asleep. (via Quinn Norton)


  1. Whats this?! A video posted to make people feel good!? You know what this comment section needs? Links to vivisection videos so that people will think twice about the kitten slave trade.

    All kidding aside. Very cute.

  2. Gojira’s “Ocean Planet” makes an, uh, interesting soundtrack to that video.

    In fact, I think that blog is greatly improved by listening to death metal while watching the videos. “Sleepy Hamster 2” jolted up right on one of the pinch harmonics. Awesome.

  3. Too cute. Recently saw a clip of meerkats collapsing one by one, falling asleep in an Attenborough doc. Can’t find it. Shame. It was a cute overload.

  4. Thanks, #1 and #8. Did someone run over your pony today or why are you so hellbent on cheering us all up? While we’re at it, we could even throw in a blog about “Readers Slowly Dying While Reading BoingBoing Comments.” At any rate, there’s another awesome video of kittens right after that one:

  5. Very relaxing…glad I’m not watching that kitty at 3 in the afternoon or I might nod off myself! Great meerkats video too.

  6. Actually I thought # 1’s comment was great. Though I do enjoy the overall title as well. For those who were annoyed, it seems interesting to me that the people who are most apt to send me pictures of kitties and puppies and “odd couple” animal pals are also the ones who turn around and send the most hateful crap about looting after Katrina, Obama the antiChrist, immigration and “push 1 for English.” Human beings are cute and fuzzy in their own way, perhaps a little harder to love…

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