First-person Tetris: the whole screen rotates with the block

In a world of clever Tetris variants, First-Person Tetris stands out for being challenging, not impossible, and fun. When you rotate the bricks, the entire screen rotates as well, so two rotations makes the bricks fall "up" -- it's mind-bending and way cool.

First-Person Tetris (via JWZ)


  1. I think I’m confused. Isn’t this just a photo of a normal tetris game turned sideways…which doesn’t really illustrate the point? Maybe I’m missing something.

    1. @allenbukoff
      See, on the internet, we have these things called “links”. You should try following them.

  2. allenbukoff,

    you are missing the point. go to the link and try playing it and you’ll understand. It requires a slightly different way of thinking to play, at least until your eyes adjust.

  3. I never thought that I could get motion-sickness and vertigo from playing Tetris, but this did it for me. Bravo.

  4. That was so cool, and nauseating at the same time. I only lasted about 2:00, now I’m all sick and sweaty.

  5. I don’t get why so many tetris clones only rotate blocks one direction. They’re supposed to rotate either direction. FAIL!

  6. Somehow that seemed more intuitive.. I still didn’t get a great score, but it just seemed.. righter.

    /May have to get out of the house more

    1. @scifijazznik: Being only 15 years old, I’ve lived on Tetris clones instead of the original game. For me, this has got to be the best Tetris game I’ve ever played, I loved it.

      Harder in night mode, until you get the hang of it.

  7. I used to daydream about what a pinball game would look like from the ball’s perspective, but this is better.

    When I get my equilibrium back, I’ll try night mode: I think it will be less distracting once I sacrifice a few lines for orientation.

  8. I had problems with unexpectedly stuck (?) cursor keys. No obvious pattern I could figure out. +5 idea, -1 execution.

  9. Sometimes the pieces would move two spaces over (or up or down) with just a tap of the direction arrow. Which got pretty frustrating, but it was still fun.

  10. D: i got to level 4 in night mode IT IS HARD :D and i love this game . and all the time put into it aswell

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