Mom-made vintage game sweaters from the 80s

In the comments for this morning's post on the hand-made Super Mario sweater-vest, Scurra says, "I can match that. My mother knitted me two jumpers when I was about 12 with arcade games on the front and back. I would guess they were made in 1983/84. I don't appear to have any pictures of the 12-year old me wearing them though!"

Now, that's parental love!

Video game sweaters 1, Video game sweaters 2


    1. I haven’t done much knitting, but it seems to me these patterns would have taken FOREVER to make. Wouldn’t you have to knot-off different colors dozens of times per row? Any knitters in the house? I think we might be looking at the Sistine Chapel of video game sweaters.

      1. It’s hard to tell from the resolution, but my best guess is that the knitter employed a mix of techniques, including fair isle (leaving strands of the other color on the back, probably used for the Space Invaders), intarsia (which leaves a boatload of little ends, maybe for the figures on the lower sweater) and duplicate stitch (an embroidery stitch over a knit surface that mimics knitting in a contrasting color, which would have made the PacMan maze and the ladders a whole lot easier).

    1. No, they had soap operas, valium, alcohol and shopping malls. Why would today’s distractions preclude a mother from finding time to knit something completely awesome for her son?

      Minesweeper? Seriously? Do you live in 1995 every day or is today special?

      1. Having watched my mother & father in-law, I can attest to the continued interest minesweeper and free cell play in the lives of >40yr old parents.

  1. I am so jealous I could cry.

    All my mom made me was a Bicentennial costume with puffy sleeves, knickers, and a tri-corner hat.

  2. I can’t resist posting this Cowichan-style toque done with PacMan, ghosts and bits. Anyone from the North West Coast will immediately recognize the iconic design (tea kettle warmer) and muted colours of the Cowichan knitting.

  3. Wow. Nice work. One you’d worked out a pattern on graph paper, I don’t think it would be too hard on a knitting machine. For an experienced machine knitter.

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