The Art of Bleeding's Gory Details


Rev. Al Ridenour is one of my heros. He is a prankster, an entertainer, a troublemaker and a genuinely nice guy. I met him when he was the chief "cat herder" of the infamous Cacophony Society in Los Angeles. Now he's created something equally demented and even more fun- The Art of Bleeding.

The Art of Bleeding website describes their project as...

...a uniquely non-accredited educational institution offering powerful and ego-destabilizing theatrical programs in safety education. Often staging productions from an actual ambulance, our programs combine live performance, film, puppets, music, and animation to create a sort of "PARAMEDICAL FUNHOUSE" in which the groping ego may ultimately experience TRUE SAFETY CONSCIOUSNESS.


The Art of Bleeding has created a new educational project called Gory Details. Real people relate real catastrophic medical emergencies either in person (interviewed by a bevy of attentive "nurses") or by dialing a toll-free hotline. The "gory stories" are re-enacted and disected by a gorilla, a hand puppet and a robot in a kids show format reminiscent of the old Soupy Sales Show.

There are three video episodes of Gory Details online so far. Rest assured that these videos are definitely not safe for viewing by your mom.

Gory Details Ep. 1: Mango Flies
Gory Details Ep. 2: Dog Bite
Gory Details Ep. 3: Moths & Drugs