Business-card that shoots pennies

Thingverse user Clide has invented a business-card that fires US pennies, handling them in lots of 10.

The thick components get sandwiched between the two thin layers. Start by gluing the two identical thick pieces to the thin side without the magazine. Use the other thick piece (the slide) as a guide and make sure it can slide easily between the parts and close flush. Then glue the side with the magazine on top. Take care not to glue the magazine down and make sure the slide can still move back and forth. The slide must be in place before you glue it together because it can not be installed after the rest of the card is assembled. Two #32 rubber bands are needed to use the card.

Penny Shooter by clide (via Make)


  1. The first things that immediately come to mind are:
    1. needs some stronger rubber bands
    2. is there some way to get the pennies to spin for better accuracy?

    1. Yeah, so as a substitute for rifling (since the “barrel of this gun is a slot, not a tube) run a very thin coating of rubber cement down one side of the slot then shoot holding the card at a 30-45 degree angle so gravity pushes the pennies against the rubber cement, they’ll be spun up during ejection … but will the angle screw up their stability anyway? Hmm, hours of experiments lie before us!

  2. Wow, kind of neat in a 7th grader kind of way. I didn’t know that 12 year olds were into carrying business cards…

  3. “Oh how we laughed when we collected our bonuses and Peterson from accounting started shooting pennies at the homeless with his business card!!!”

    –anonymous AIG executive

  4. “No, sir, I don’t not wish to do business with you. OW! Dammitt! Please stop shooting me with pennies! It will not affect my decision. And now I’m 3 cents richer. Good day to you, sir. I’m off to the gumball machine.”

  5. Went to look at the instructions for making my own, for home defense of course, and I noticed this: “Required Tools – Laser Cutter” Looks like my home will stay undefended until I scape together a laser cutter. Wonder why an X-Acto knife wouldn’t do the job?

  6. “Required tool : Laser Cutter” ??!!

    Have they confiscated craft knives from your entire country now?

  7. Next tutorial: “How To laser-cut US pennies into Penny Shooter compatible mini-ninja-stars” … I mean, have laser cutter, will travel, right?

    I so want to see a video of the 1-cent-shuriken THONKing into a dart board … mmm.

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