Cluetrain Manifesto 10th Anniversary Edition: Still the end of business as usual?


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  1. alowishus says:

    But Cory, I don’t want to do ANY work. Is there a book for that?

  2. sopekmir says:

    Cory, I even can’t express how important was ClueTrain 10 years ago in Central Europe – just after the first decade of freedom from the opression of imposed soviet system…

    It was like fresh air, like wide open horizon, like everything that matters. What is more, the humbleness of thought, expressed in some citations,like this:

    Although a system may cease
    to exist in the legal sense or
    as a structure of power,
    its values (or anti-values),
    its philosophy, its
    teachings remain in us.
    They rule our thinking, our conduct,
    our attitude to others.

    The situation is a demonic paradox:
    we have toppled the system
    but we still carry its genes

    were speaking to us even deeper as we just started to fight with demons of the past…

    Cluetrain is one of the most important book for my generation….

  3. jakemckee says:

    Thanks for the review, Cory!

    It’s more than a little surprising how many marketers these days tell me that they’ve either never heard of Cluetrain and/or haven’t read it. I suppose it’s an opportunity, but it’s also scary that they don’t know the root of this social web stuff.

    Hopefully this 10th anniversary edition helps get the Cluetrain out to an even more broad audience. I certainly was proud to be invited to participate!

    Jake McKee

  4. Anonymous says:

    bought it read it …. gave it the General Manager of our little community radio station … keeping fingers crossed

  5. voxdom says:

    Thanks for the Amazon link – I must confess to a mild snigger when I saw it was not available to purchase on Kindle.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So…ummmm, what if I don’t want a hardback version? Is there a PDF available?

    Seems a little old-fashioned somehow.

  7. Carrie says:

    Thanks for writing about this, Cory.
    I did read the first book, probably on your recomendation, made my husband and ex-husband(!) read it also. My husband took it to work recently and some of his bosses read it. -No effect yet that he can see.
    Now I will have to get the 2.0 version.

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