Congrats on your engagement, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman!

Congrats to pals Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on the announcement of their upcoming nuptials. You two are adorable together. Many years of happiness, comics, rock and roll, and copyfighting for both of you!

Telling the World: An Official Announcement


  1. For reals? I thought Neil had a family with all the various parts. If it’s for reals then the best to then, though Neil, you are *lucking out*…

  2. Neil has three grown children, including the lovely Holly, who is one of Poesy’s favorite babysitters here in London, and an ex-wife.

  3. Congrats to my favorite author in the world and a very kind human being. May your lives together be full of joy and adventure.

  4. does this mean he’ll be able to discover the truth behind Amanda being/not being Nico’s (Christa Päffgen) secret offspring?

  5. And millions of music fans (male and female and others) wept bitter tears that their dreams will now never come true, but then went out and bought tickets to her next show.

  6. It’s nice to see that two of very few celebrities I genuinely respect have found each other; congrats!

  7. i wonder if this will decrease her angst in her lyrics, or perhaps open up a whole new world of anger from “being married” and what that brings?

  8. This news made my yesterday a better day. Congratulations to them both!

    (and wouldn’t they make great guest-boingers?)

  9. I’m happy for them but my dreams of marrying Amanda Palmer have been crushed. My only consolation is imagining how awesome a little Palmer/Gaiman kid would be.

  10. Also happy for them but I hope it doesn’t mean their music and novels get all happy and sunny and shit.

  11. Schroedinger’s cat is certainly having kittens, but I am both dead super jealous AND very happy! Best of all possible lucks to them both!!!1!

  12. I swear I’m completely straight, but I’m still a bit sad that Neil Gaiman is off the market.

    Also, since it’s Amanda Fucking Palmer that he’s engaged to, I’m no longer sure who to be more jealous of.

    Congrats to both of you, from the bottom of my black soul :-)

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