Donate $20 to Haiti, get $1481 worth of free RPGs

Chris sez, "Digital RPG vendor, in conjunction with a number of gaming companies, is offering a coupon good for a total of $1481 worth of digital RPG products in return for a $20 donation to help Haiti. The assortment includes a number of popular indy titles, as well as the tie-in RPG to Joss Whedon's Firefly, Serenity. Even gamers who would not otherwise care about Haiti might find this deal attractive for its own sake."

Gamers Helping Haiti $20 Donation with Coupon (Thanks, Chris!)


  1. (Oh boy, they’re getting clobbered as it is, now I fear of them being BoingBoinged to hell and back.)

    For those who plan to donate (I already did.), OBS is getting a beating, server-wise, so things might take a bit to work corrently again. People are asked to wait a bit with downloading and every now and then you can experience a glitch, like the known bug where it wants to charge you 35 cents despite the packages themseves being free. These are already being looked into, though, and are fixed soon.

    That said, the package is awesome: You do something good and get rewarded by getting a whole shitload of awesome stuff. There are some really great games in there, I can only recommend it.

  2. Tips: if you pay by paypal, given that the paypal servers are more robust, it should go more smoothly.

    Please, please, please once you’ve purchased, download on an “immediate read” basis for now. Don’t sit and download everything TODAY, NOW for your archive: one bookshelf will still be there next week, you will be able to download at your leisure.

    Also: there is more in the package than you can see from the front page, including the marvellously crazed “Diana: The warrior princess”, worth the price of the bundle on it’s own, IMHO.

    A fuller list is here: , but I’ve just been told even this has been added to now.

    Finally… as I said yesterday, even if you’re only MARGINALLY interested in RPG’s, THIS IS WORTH THE MONEY. In fact, only pass it up if you’re not interested in the written word, bargains and helping people.

  3. They changed the program slightly since I submitted the article. Now they will take care of adding all the items to your cart for you, rather than making you click through 12 pages and add each of 174 items to your cart. They’re also delaying the ability to download for up to 2 business days to ease the load on their servers.

  4. I also thought they meant Rocket Propelled Grenades. Too much FPS, not enough RPG I guess.

    And yes, a Firefly MMO would be awesome. One was being talked about some years back, but nothing more than that. Whoever was dealing with it put it on the backburner to make a Buffy game (Buffy MMO, I vaguely recall, which sounds terrible) which has also faded away. Although in truth, a FPS dealing with Firefly’s Civil War would be awesome.
    /thread hijack

  5. Food for thought, here. This is the sort of thing that wouldn’t remotely be possible without digital distribution.

  6. Don’t see why it wouldn’t. I expect it’ll be around at least another several days. The Haiti crisis isn’t going away for a while.

  7. Even if you don’t want the games, this is a very generous offer by DriveThruRPG and the sharing companies. All of the money is going to Haiti. Where’s the downside?

    I got my twenty bucks in yesterday! W00t!

  8. I was expecting video game RPGs because of the phrase “digital RPG” but it turns out it’s all tabletop stuff…

  9. It’s PDFs, MP3s, and other electronic media. That’s all 0s and 1s, hence “digital”.

    The offer is good through the end of the month, so hurry and get your donations in!

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