White American basketball league


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The thing is, if you can get past the racism of this whole thing, there is a definate point to his argument.
    IE: The behavior of professional athelets makes for a TERRIBLE role model with scandle after scandle and repeated violations of the law. No I don’t approve of the racism. Neither do I approve of the behavior that brought on the formation of this league.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Clutch Caucasians:
    A Brief History of Snowball

    This video is dedicated to Chuck Cooper, Nat Clifton, and Earl Lloyd, the NBA’s first African American players.

  3. nmeyer79 says:

    I love how this type of person conveniently forgets that white hockey and baseball players have been beating the crap out of each other for years, to the cheering encouragement of their (mostly-white) crowds. Only black people can be thugs?

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about instead of this nonsense, he try and promote height classes in basketball?

  5. InsertFingerHere says:

    Who will they lynch when a cheerleader gets pregnant ?

  6. CMoss says:

    Who’d want to watch a basketball game between two teams of mediocre white guys? We had Darko Milaso-whatever with the Pistons, and that was enough. Hell, I’d rather see b-ball games between two teams full of midgets. Keep the baskets at the same height. Don’t call any fouls, either. Now THAT would be worth watching.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If they want ‘fundamental’ basketball, just create a new league where dunking is illegal (or raise the basket a few more feet) and get rid of the 3-point shot. I see no reason to exclude people of certain races, assuming it’s merely a different brand of basketball you’re going after.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Since when white isn’t a color?


    According to Wikipedia, white has always been a color.

  9. CastanhasDoPara says:

    Maybe his minority status would be secured by a new specification in the census data, “are you a racist?”

    I’m guessing though, sadly, white racists would still be a majority in the US. Hell that only has to be, what 110 million people?

  10. Nash Rambler says:

    This won’t end well, but it will end.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is racist whether they want to admit it or not. For a long time only certain minorities were allowed in the all white world. But now as the tables have been turned, these white men are behaving like babies to know their skin color is no longer enough to gain recognition for their so so talent. If you are not good enough to be on a team, white, black, green, or purple-you don’t play. They should just go ahead and call themselves the Bench-Warmers.

  12. Sam says:

    Well I don’t agree with his reasoning (seems a bit racist to me), but I don’t see any problems with a white american basketball league. If a bunch of white people want to get together and play basketball without getting completely stomped on, then sure – don’t let black people play.

    Seriously though, would anyone have problems with a latino soccer league? How about a black scholarship program? You can celebrate or recognize your heritage or your race without being racist.

    • das memsen says:

      I don’t have a problem with anyone doing anything they want on their own time and dime, just like they shouldn’t have a problem with us totally ignoring them, or using them as the butt of a good joke. And you thought white men couldn’t jump..

  13. Tgg161 says:

    Y’all been trolled, ya dig?

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing. aside from the boorish cluelessness (at best, blatant racism more likely) of “Moose”, who would pay to watch basketball that deliberately was NOT athletic or exciting? “Fundamental” means four corners and set shots. Why not just take sleeping pills instead of watching a game like that?

  15. Anonymous says:

    The problem with this is, a lot of Black folks, ARE part white because of slavery. Black people come in all shades!! from very, very light-skined like Mariah Carey to the very dark, like Wesley Snipes and everything in between. So because I am black, but my father is white, does that allow me an admittance? I’m also Scottish and Italian! So where do we draw the line? This is CLEARLY racist and offensive because it assumes Blacks don’t play fundamental basketball, when in fact, 90+% of the coaches in the NBA are white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it’s the white coaches who are “teaching the fundamentals”.

    What a ridiculous, racist, assinine joke for a human being Mr. Don “Mooose” Lewis is.

  16. cinemajay says:

    I bet they dig up George Wallace to be commissioner.

  17. glamaFez says:

    I love it when they grab their crotch. That’s the culture today, get over it.

  18. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    You can celebrate or recognize your heritage or your race without being racist.

    It’s a tricky old bean, but one of the realities of it is that in western society, races other than white don’t get such much of a look-in (in all sorts of things, not sport in particular). And the reason we see and aren’t (or shouldn’t be) offended by things like black societies or a Latino soccer league, is that by-and-large those people are under-represented in western society.

    When a white-only anything starts up in an almost all-white society, it seems to be motivated by exclusion of a small (but particular) group of people, rather than the culmination of those same rare people into something positive.

    We are still a long way off the day that mixed society just is, and we can get on with enjoying each other equally.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’ll watch if they call traveling. I miss basketball with rules.

    And yes, I’m a Person of Pallor…

  20. ill lich says:

    Yes, how horrible that they “grab their crotch[es]“, what’s next, football and baseball players touching each others buttocks?

  21. Teller says:

    IT’S GENIUS! Shortly after the league gets off the ground, a black female player will be admitted, simultaneously breaking the color AND gender bar. Historic!

  22. Anonymous says:

    He’s right, actually. They’ve got every right to play their games and do their thing. They have no right to anyone else’s money or time, and no way to get white players who are good enough to play in the NBA (or Italy . . . or Australia . . . ) to give all that up to play “fundamental basketball, which white people like.”

    So they’ll need some deep pockets, because this is going to cost them a bundle.

  23. merreborn says:

    Lewis said he wants to emphasize fundamental basketball instead of “street-ball”

    “Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?”

    Have a problem with the way the game is played, and the conduct of players? Then start a league with specific rules, and a strict code of conduct. There are plenty of people of all colors who’d probably appreciate playing by those rules.

  24. Anonymous says:


    (Can’t someone check the validity of this besides SNOPES?)

  25. mellowknees says:

    OMFG where do these “white minority” dipshits get their statistics?

    And secondly, WTF…

    And thirdly, GRRRRR! Why can’t people just be PEOPLE for crying out loud!!! IT DOES NOT MATTER your color, sexual orientation, where your mother was born, etc…for crying out loud, leave other people alone already and just BE NICE.

    As Fake Abe Lincoln once said: “Be excellent to each other!”

    AAAAAGGGGHHHH! Can you tell this sort of thing really pisses me off? This is why I hate people on general principle. Which is really tough considering I’m a humanist. Is it contradictory to be a humanist and a misanthrope at the same time?

  26. Anonymous says:

    He should have marketed it as a league to create more White American players who love basketball. White kids are turning against basketball or are being directed to other sports. It could have been like the MLB RBI “inner city Baseball, trying to generate more black interest in Baseball. Stupid marketing or racism, only moose knows.

  27. Halloween Jack says:

    It’ll last until one of the players slips on someone else’s tobacco juice puddle, cracks their head, and sues this assclown for all he’s worth. In other words, next Tuesday.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The idea of a whites-only basketball league is not racist, but it’s pretty clear that this guy is.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Interesting concept, I really like it.

    The only changes I would make are the following. White only is ok to a point, but aren’t there culturally acceptable blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics who do not use the finger, bring guns to games or otherwise defame themselves and thus the institution they represent, while at the same time there are whites who do all of the above with the exception of maybe the guns to games part.

    Perhaps in place of the whites only rule, they could just simply make gentleman rules and if you fail to abide by those gentleman’s rules then you are kicked from the league. It seems reasonable since the reason for the new venue is cultural and not racial that you actually make the entrance evaluation based on culture in place of race.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Actually, a white only league does have promise, with one caveate: they can only play the Harlem Globetrotters. Think Washington Generals. It was one of the finest shows ever.

  31. batu b says:

    “but i gotta ask: anybody that’s outraged here ever played ball with any really obnoxious black people before?”
    Uh, yeah. Obnoxious Mexicans and white people, too. The worst offenders I’ve played with are white. As a result, I’m going use my anecdotal evidence and call white people the most obnoxious basketball players. I love anecdotal evidence, it makes everything around me true!

  32. Talia says:

    Hehe yep, this smacks of trollery. :)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Just think of this as the Special Olympics for White Men (who) Can’t Jump.

  34. Not Geoff Molson says:

    Sounds like this league belongs in Rock Ridge

    Bart: “Well, to tell the family secret, my grandmother was Dutch.”

  35. Nomonymous says:

    I agree that his reasons seem racist, and I don’t agree with them or him. But I don’t have a problem with someone creating an “all white” organization – if they only had legitimate, non-racist reasons to. (which is doubtful)

    What bugs me is that nobody thinks twice when another “Black __insert_name_here__ organization” starts up. We have everything from black police officers, and black nurses associations to the black business association and national association of black accountants.

    Granted, many are legitimate “minority” groups just using “black” in the name, but accept members of any minority. (I wonder if they would accept gays too) ((yes I did just bring homosexuals into the race debate))

    All I’m sayin’ is why is it people only bring up a stink when something has “white” in the name? Maybe I should start an exclusive “black gay republican muslim association” I’m sure they are a minority who would be interested in better representation!

    (yes, now I’ve mixed race, homosexuality, politics, and religion into this whole topic – I’m just screwing everything up aren’t I?)

    Whatever, it probably already exists somewhere.

  36. seyo says:

    “He pointed out recent incidents in the NBA, including Gilbert Arenas’ indefinite suspension after bringing guns into the Washington Wizards locker room”

    How much do you want to bet that Don “Moose” Lewis is also a member of the NRA? Because it’s ok for white people to tote guns, but not anyone else.

  37. Jukaswokaswo says:

    Let him have his little Arian league! It’s not like anyone will attend the games because zzzzzz… how boring, for the monochromacity alone.

  38. delobos says:

    None, or few, of the existing organizations intended to serve specific races of people (UNCF, BET, etc.) go quite so far as to absolutely exclude any other race/ancestry from their ranks as blatantly as this “All-American” league.

    For example, the UNCF wouldn’t reject an applicant simply on the grounds that he or she is 1/4 white. Whereas this league WOULD in fact reject a participant on the grounds the he or she is 1/4 black.

    “One drop rule”, remember? Well guess what, it still exists.

  39. weewillie says:

    I agree – “You can celebrate or recognize your heritage or your race without being racist.”

    How is this league different from having a “Women Only” gym or a seniors card group or an Italian American community centre? These are three groups I cannot join because of my sex, my age, and my race. Why isn’t there a big cry of “Sexist!” or “Ageist!” or “Racist!” with these groups?

    There are also groups like B’nai B’rith and the NAACP promoting the interests of certain racial groups, but when there is a group promoting the interests of white people, everyone runs around yelling, “Racist, racist!”

    Why can’t a group be organized to represent the interests of white people? Why can’t a group choose their members based on a common heritage?

    @arkizzle has some good points, however to say “When a white-only anything starts up in an almost all-white society, it seems to be motivated by exclusion of a small (but particular) group of people” is stereotyping white people’s motives and therefore racist.

    To not allow me freedom of association because of my race – why that’s racist! To say I can’t create ethnic based sports groups because there are too many people of my race – why that’s racist…

    That all being said, I think it’s a stupid idea – but it’s not up to me to decide – let them form their group and economic forces – not race based name calling – will decide if this is a good idea or not!

    • arkizzle / Moderator says:


      The difference is, when you live somewhere where 80% of people are X, and you decide that you don’t want any !X people in your club, it reeks of a specific exclusion, rather than focussed inclusion (like a minority club).

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      when there is a group promoting the interests of white people, everyone runs around yelling, “Racist, racist!”

      When I join a Scottish group, I’m celebrating the fact that I have Scottish ancestors. When I join a White group, I’m celebrating the fact that I don’t have any non-white ancestors. Big difference. The latter is about hatred and discrimination, not about celebrating heritage or culture.

    • Gloria says:

      @44: “How is this league different from having a ‘Women Only’ gym or a seniors card group or an Italian American community centre? These are three groups I cannot join because of my sex, my age, and my race. Why isn’t there a big cry of ‘Sexist!’ or ‘Ageist!’ or ‘Racist!’ with these groups?”

      For the senior and Italian-American examples, I’m pretty sure there’s technically or legally nothing stopping a young whipper-snapper or an Irishman from joining either. You’ll probably get funny looks, but I think any reasonable club will let you in if you can demonstrate you’ll fit in. The point of these kinds of criteria is to seek out those with common experiences, and thus hopefully, common interests. That said, I get what you mean, because I do think it’s stupid when there’s a Chinese club which claims it’s just about culture, not race, but then they’re snippy about a white person trying to join. As long as you’re sincere and respectful, nobody should care what your colour is.

      For the “women-only” example, this is an issue of security and sexual comfort. I wouldn’t have a problem with men-only gyms but (1) a lot of gyms are, by default, seem to be that way because women just stay away for whatever reasons and (2) not many men seem to care if women are present.

  40. demidan says:

    “We’re not racist! Now pass the sheets and lower the rim!”

  41. Dan Mac says:

    Here in Canada, one of the “Heritage Moments” they teach you in school is that Dr. Naismith had a “Eureka” moment in developing the game of Bazketball. It was when he discovered the game would be faster if he cut the bottoms out of the wicker baskets he had put high at either end of the court. If this fellow is advocating a return to that, I am having none of it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    And after ‘fundamental’ basketball, we’ve got lined up the return of: ‘fundamental’ restaurants, ‘fundamental’ schools and of course, ‘fundamental’ public transport. After all, who wants to be accosted by ‘street’ eating while dining out, ‘street’ ideas while learning and ‘street’ attitude while taking the bus.

    Have a nice and ‘fundamental’ day.

  43. Anonymous says:

    They should institute the 2-point line instead of the 3-point line. Everyone knows that us persons of pallor prefer to sit behind the line and bomb it; those shots should only be worth 2 points. But if white boy takes it to the hoop himself, then that’s worth 3 at least.

  44. aldasin says:

    “In June, the All-American Basketball Alliance will start its first season of play.”

    Since when is a press release a statement of fact that should be reported as such?
    Name one player, one venue where this is going to happen “in June”.
    A dumb guy sent out a press release. That’s the story, and it’s marginally entertaining, but there is no reason to declare that it’s going to happen.

  45. querent says:

    Lord help me, I’m so bad at letting this stuff go.

    My thoughts ran like this:

    1) I know what he means.

    2) But it’s not all black people, and isn’t restricted to black people.

    3) There is a point there, though, and maybe I should say something.

    4) I’ll get shouted down.

    5) Fuck it, do it anyway.

    So yeah, I was being a bit of a troll. I was saying something that I believe, but it was said in a way that was meant to violate taboo. The only people I meant to offend were knee-jerk “liberal” dogmatists.

    And, with all do respect, you know how it seems kinda creepy and suggestive that the english are always seeing pedophiles everywhere? It occurs to me that americans may have a similar phobia of racists.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Great name for a team: The Washington Grand Wizards.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Boss Hogg can’t jump.

  48. Anonymous says:

    It would be great if the players weren’t allowed to vote, had to ride at the back of the bus, drink from a different fountain, and were barred from certain restaurants and hotels.

    Seriously, think of it as performance art. Probably the best way to educate whites about conditions 50 years ago for blacks to come around in a long time.


    No Catholics, either!

  50. Felton says:

    He doesn’t hate anyone “of color,” but he does seem to hate them as a group. His comments don’t really leave much doubt.

    Allow me, as an Atlanta native, to apologize for this travesty of social justice. Hopefully, it’ll get smacked down quickly.

  51. aeroplane says:

    Dude is ruining the nickname of “Moose” for me right now. Jerk.

  52. David Pescovitz says:

    Best quote:
    “There’s nothing hatred about what we’re doing,” he said

  53. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    ..white, American-born citizens are in the minority now.


    White alone: 75.0% 228.2 million
    Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, of any race: 15.4% 46.9 million
    Black or African American alone: 12.4% 37.6 million
    Some other race alone: 4.9% 15.0 million
    Asian alone: 4.4% 13.4 million
    Two or more races: 2.3% 7.0 million
    American Indian or Alaska Native alone: 0.8% 2.4 million
    Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander alone: 0.14% 0.43 million

    Does he mean in pro sports? In basketball? In the US? In the world?

    • cymk says:

      Percentages are a tad off, not sure what your basing it off, but found this on the census website: Census stats 2006-2008

      • arkizzle / Moderator says:


        My numbers are the 2008 (one year est.) Census numbers, yours are 2006-08 (three year est.). No better or worse, just clarifying.

        The percentages are from the same data, as listed in this wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_United_States

        This line didn’t copy across, from the 75% line: “(Not including the 29.2 million
        White Hispanic and Latino Americans: 65.4% or 198.9 million)

        And I didn’t notice the qualifier at the bottom: “These figures add up to more than 100% on this table because Hispanic and Latino Americans are distributed among all the races and are also listed as an ethnicity category, resulting in a double count.

        From the census site: “The 2008 questions on Hispanic origin and race were changed from 2007 in order to make the ACS consistent with Census 2010 question wording … The change in estimates from 2007 to 2008 may be due to several factors including questionnaire changes, population controls, methodological changes, and therefore should be used with caution.

  54. xzzy says:

    If he had advertised it as a place for genetically inferior white dudes who can’t jump and are 5’11″ to play basketball, there probably wouldn’t be any outcry.

    It’s all in the way you market it.

  55. Anonymous says:

    damn, given those restrictions, I might be able to make the Miami team!

  56. jim says:

    Smells like a hoax to me. The article mentions just a single press release which the reporter then called the Augusta Mayor and the coach of a local university basketball team to ask their opinion about. Wikipedia has an article about a defunct organization with the same name, All-American Basketball Alliance, from 1978, which makes no mention of a whites-only policy then or now.


    • arkizzle / Moderator says:


      The link you looked at does indeed relate to the old AABA, not the new one:


      • jim says:

        Arkizzle– The wiki listing for the 2010 incarnation was only created at 9:11am EST this morning, and it still appears as though all of the subsequent reporting that serves as the basis for the wiki article originates with the Augusta Chronicle article. Though, there now appears to be a nephew of Don Lewis talking to the media (about how he won’t tell them where their offices are), so at least the organization has at least two people involved.

        • arkizzle / Moderator says:

          Right you are Jim,

          I didn’t mean to support the veracity of the new AABA page, just to differentiate it from the old one.

  57. Gloria says:

    Well, I’m starting to feel sorry for all the black people out there who cannot play a game of basketball to save their lives. “Hmm, well, you’re black, so you can’t join this white league, and you suck, so you can’t be in the NBA.” What about a league for THEM?

    Sounds like the basic idea here is a league for people who don’t excel at the sport. What the heck is “fundamental basketball” anyway?

    @22: Actually, yeah, I’m one of those people that race-based scholarships rub the wrong way. And I’m one of those “visible minorities.”

    The issue here is that this guy seems to think that race affects the way you play the game. It doesn’t. Height — pretty much, yes. How about a league for short people?

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      There are leagues for untallented athletes for most sports. We call them beer-leagues. There’s no money in it, generally very, very few fans and almost no glory.

      • Gloria says:

        I know. I’ve been on the “B” intramural teams at school.

        You start a league that selects its members for any quality besides skill and generally people stay away. Do I really want to watch a sport where the players are there because they’re Dutch-Asian, or because they’re *good*?

      • Gloria says:

        Oh, and who said anything about democratizing sports so everyone can get glory? Tiered leagues exist so it gives everyone an opportunity to play a sport (so they can be challenged, not steamrolled), not have fans or earn money.

    • Felton says:

      Gloria: What the heck is “fundamental basketball” anyway?

      I think it’s basketball that has been simplified to just the dribbling. ;-)

  58. querent says:

    this is racist. it makes an assumption about behavior along race lines. presumably no people without color (white people) would ever flip off a spectator or grab their crotch, or attack a fan? and all non-whites (people of color) are inherently susceptible to such behavior?

    bt gtt sk: nybdy tht’s trgd hr vr plyd bll wth ny rlly bnxs blck ppl bfr?

    vry l cntns sd f th trth. thrws t wld nt b n ffctv l.

    a better (non-racists) solution would be to start a league and reserve the right to kick out anybody who acts like an ass. race notwithstanding.

    • Avram / Moderator says:

      No, Querent, you do not, in fact, gotta ask that question. Obnoxiousness knows no racial boundaries. And acknowledgment of racism on someone else’s part doesn’t excuse racism on your part.

      • querent says:

        These people are equating culture with race. This is blatantly not realistic.

        I do fully maintain that “culture” is not sacred, and reject aspects of different cultures I find offensive, while incorporating aspects of cultures I find useful or beautiful.

        “Every lie contains a seed of the truth,” is a Chomsky quote, and my usage here is true to the original intent. The “seed of the truth” in it is necessary so that people can recognize examples with which to over generalize. It is the over generalization that is the lie. I just grow weary of apologetics.

        As for calling me a racist: in my experience (from arguing that affirmative action should be about class and not race), when ever that happens the emotional has over-thrown the debate. So that’s all.

        Hope that clarifies. :)

      • querent says:

        “Obnoxiousness knows no racial boundaries.”

        I did make that point in my original post. :)

  59. arborman says:

    #74 – It isn’t an irrational phobia or paranoia if there are racists all around you. It is just seeing a lot of racists and naming them for what they are. Have you not been paying attention the last 200 years or so?

  60. kc0bbq says:

    WNBA basketball is what you watch to see old fashioned fundamentals style basketball.

    Even if this isn’t a hoax, only a minority (lol) are really interested in watching that kind of play. Kind of like how so few people want to see anything other than homeruns in baseball. People only care about dunks and fireworks.

    On top of that they won’t have access to any of the good players, anyway.

  61. qygibo says:

    A radio commentator went looking for information about this supposed league, and couldn’t find anything outside of the bluster of a man who has pulled outrageous stunts before

  62. ill lich says:

    1. Does he have a problem with white players wearing blackface during games?

    2. I would like to form a team in this league, we will call ourselves The Memphis Kings. . . with Martin Luther King as our mascot.

  63. Ito Kagehisa says:

    I am jealous of dark-skinned people. I wish I had dark skin and dark eyes. I’m glad I don’t have curly hair, though, I like how easy it is to care for my straight fine hair.

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