Harrogate, England: Dickens was right to call it weird!

MS sez, "Charles Dickens said that my home town of Harrogate was weird ("The queerest place with the strangest people in it leading the oddest lives...")! I set up this blog using rediscovered 'photos' that seem to prove his point."

Very nice work indeed, MS.



  1. As a Yorkshireman that lived near Harrogate and went out with a number of girls from there, I can say that these pictures tone things down a little – they’re a lot wierder

  2. Pity the typography lets it all down. I like the Harrogate town centre one. The antique herders look a bit too much like American cowboys. maybe they emmigrated.

    1. The American cowboys are the joke. Don’t you get it? Herders….

      Maybe someone being spoon fed would have been better.

  3. I grew up in Worthing, England, another strange town in England. Worthing’s weirdness is ‘weird stuff in the woods’ weird rather than ‘we built weird stuff in the childrens’ playgrounds’ weird, but hey, England! Weird!

  4. Cool! I got married in 2005 in the Valley Gardens Sun Pavilion (the building illustrated behind the fountain). Sadly, the monster was not present on the day.

  5. “The queerest place with the strangest people in it leading the oddest lives…”

    Considering Darwin made his famous visit to Harrowgate a year before publishing On the Origin of Species, you do have to wonder what he found there.

  6. I live in Harrogate and I can see the boating lake from my window. Sadly the giant squid has left us for greener pastures.

    Harrogate is indeed the strangest of places, full of cake eating people :)

  7. Man that squid picture is amazing.
    Wish I could find it in a higher resolution or order a print from somewhere.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA. Weird? secret americans? BAHAHbAH.
    I’m half american half english.
    I’ve lived 15 years in england 2 in america.
    Harrogate is my home, and i’ve been in the “golf balls” on menwith hill where my father works.
    Let me burst your bubbles. they are satalites for the military.
    We are not secret, every month there is a tour of our army base if your would like to visit=]
    any questions? i’d gladly answer.

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