Welcome, guestblogger Jessamyn West!

Our next guestblogger is the incomparable activist geek librarian Jessamyn West, who, along with other library-hackers like Jenny Levine are part of a movement to redefine librarianship in the information age. I've been enjoying Jessamyn's projects and thoughts for years and it's a delight to have her here. Here's her official bio:
I'm a library technologist working in rural Vermont teaching people on the back end of the digital divide how to use computers.

I also help run MetaFilter.com, especially Ask MetaFilter and travel around the world talking about library technology issues. My blog, librarian.net talks a lot about the intersection of libraries, technology and politics.

I'm grumpy about the USA PATRIOT Act, threats to open access and bad laws shaping bad culture.

I like moss, snowshoeing, old books and the color orange.

Not only that, but she co-edited Revolting Librarians Redux, one of the most exciting books I've read in the past ten years.

Welcome, Jessamyn!


  1. And all the librarians come out of hiding who read BoingBoing! haha
    I’ll have to pay extra careful attention now to BB.net, can’t miss any of Jessamyn’s posts!

  2. Gah! I can’t abide these damned Libertarians on Boing Boing all the time. Bloody entitled anti-social creeps who…
    Librarian, you say? Oh. I like librarians!
    Never mind.

  3. Brilliant to see Jessamyn here. She is, well, special, in her own special way :) Looking forward to her posts!

  4. Jessamyn is one of the reasons I *don’t* believe culture is heading to hell in a handbasket! Glad to see you here!

  5. Snowshoeing sucks because it involves snow. And my color is blue, which it would have to be since I’m retired AF. Welcome.

  6. I’ve never experienced this before: I am an instant fan of Jessamyn. Expecting goodness from this guest blogging!

  7. The colour orange is berloody wonderful!
    dunno what snowshoeing is, books are good though, sounds like the newbie is livin’ large, we will be sure to watch this space!!

  8. Jessamyn,

    I so look forward to your input. I fear the librarian will become about as needed as canal boat mule drivers. So sad. When libraries and real books become museums and museum items, where will we find intelligent answers to our questions? Certainly not the search engines. Open stacks is where the treasures are. I for one have found my best resources by looking on a shelf for a book that a librarian sent me to, only to find what I “really” wanted in an adjacent book on the nearby shelf.
    Thank you for sharing your views.

    1. I think your conception of what a librarian is might be a little dated.

      Also: Jessamyn. Please don’t delete my comments! ;)

  9. w00t! great to see a hipster librarian here. I’m going to school in VT right now and loving it. Proud to see a Vermonter here. (=

  10. I met you at a Vermont Blogger meeting a few years back. I was working on my MA thesis and loved what you had to say on the panel and in person. Look forward to reading this….

  11. Right on Jessamyn, looking forward to your posts! You and other librarians like Sanford Berman continue to be great inspirations to me in my life and work.

  12. Jessamyn, it is time! Detonate the Secret Quansar bomb buried beneath the plate of beans! No administrator can hope them now!

  13. Hooray! It’s about time that BoingBoing added a librarian to the mix! As a fellow librarian (if not nearly as cool), I’m really looking forward to reading Jessamyn’s posts.

  14. Way to Jessamyn! You are a wonderfully insightful blogger and professional. I am glad to see a fellow librarian contributing in areas beyond the librariana world.
    I look forward to following your posts here.

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