ASCII heart necklace


9 Responses to “ASCII heart necklace”

  1. Anonymous says:

    An even better necklace would be: <3=3

  2. das memsen says:

    buy two of these and make your own “pooping back and forth” necklace. what a bargain!

  3. AirPillo says:

    Oh how about that, they even posted the template so people can make their own. How awesome is that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That emoticon always looks like “boobs” to me… which leads me to question, how do I express I <3 <3 ?

  5. Xopher says:

    Look at that awesome <3 necklace. Just look at it.

    I ♥ BoingBoing.

  6. Xopher says:

    Anonymous #1 and #4, you unintentionally invoked HTML. Try again with &lt; where you had < before.

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