Follow the secret copyright treaty negotiations in Mexico

Michael Geist sez, "The 7th round of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement negotiations begins tomorrow in Guadalajara, Mexico. The negotiation round will be the longest to-date, with three and a half days planned to address civil enforcement, border measures, the Internet provisions, and (one hour for) transparency. Over the next five days, I plan to post a five-part ACTA Guide that will include sourcing for much of the discussion on ACTA, links to all the leaked documents, information on the transparency issue, and a look at who has been speaking out."


  1. Michael Geist deserves the highest citizenship award ever! Gov-Gen for sure,,, Nobel in a category of his own.
    Thanks Michael… Your hard work is appreciated. In particular, I find that your newspaper columns are informative and are a treat to read.

  2. (Unless it involves Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement…)

    The State Department, meanwhile, said it recognized that China had a different position with respect to restricting information but the United States believe it was “inconsistent with the information environment and prerequisites of the 21st century.”

    “So we will continue to promote the free flow of information, unfettered access to information, the ability to have virtual freedom of association,” said spokesman Philip Crowley.

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