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  1. help i cant comfirm my username themelonbread says:

    Won’t these poof up into bold?

  2. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    Xopher +1 insightful

    Sceadugenga +1 honest

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, this was not the first time this was attempted. Bodoni was the first, but the serifs and pencil-thin ascenders kept burning in the oven. Bill Gates missed a trick when he didn’t buy off the cookie cutter maker in order for the cutters to be Arial.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I see serifs @,anon#22

  5. popvoid says:

    Finally, a good use for Cooper Black.

  6. pjcamp says:

    The dots on yer i’s are gonna get burnt.

  7. Xopher says:

    Serifs are an essential nutrient, one we web users are generally deficient in. I don’t see how “serif-free” is a benefit unless you know of a documented case of serif overdose.

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      @xopher, clinical studies show that people with gluten sensitivity frequently benefit from omitting dairy, high-fructose corn syrup, and serifs from their diet.

      • Xopher says:

        But serif deficiency causes eyestrain and headaches, and when it’s internet-induced can lead to insomnia, rage, and irrational utterances.

        And in my experience gluten-sensitive people aren’t big on sugar cookies anyway. (Yes, there are gluten-free cookie recipes, but not AFAIK for the sort of thing you use a cookie cutter for.)

        Besides, the name of Helvetica is derived from the Helvetic Republic, which was a centralized authority over Switzerland imposed by the French military. That’s right: Helvetica is authoritarian and French.

        And by the way, ‘serifs’ is an incorrect plural for ‘serif’. The correct one is ‘serifim’. (They’re HOLY!!!)

  8. timquinn says:

    But wouldn’t serifs make for tasty little crunchy bits?

  9. knijon says:

    I would prefer to spell out Helvetica in comic sans shaped cookie cutters.

  10. Sean Ellis says:

    I mentioned to my wife that we should get some of these so we could make cookie words like “tasty” and “delicious”. But she vetoed me.

    She thinks there are too many adjectives in food these days.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do the cookies, like the typface, taste bland?

  12. Caroline says:

    I am sad I can’t actually buy these. My fiancé would be a happy man if presented with a plate of Helvetica cookies.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The world is going to Helvetica in a hand-basket-a. ( Sorry it’s the only typeface joke I got . ) MMMMmmmmm sans sarif.

  14. zikman says:

    something about a hellbox. I can’t really think of a joke right now

  15. billstewart says:

    But the serifs are where you put the chocolate chips!

  16. Sceadugenga says:

    Do they come in bold?

  17. jades says:

    the arial ones aren’t quite as tasty

  18. Jonathan Badger says:

    Bah. Helvetica is just a cheap mid 20th century knock off of Akzidenz-Grotesk, a much nicer 19th century typeface.

  19. SamSam says:

    Does a designer who makes and sells such a product need to pay licensing fees to Helvetica? If so, how much do you imagine such a license would cost?

  20. RUAvina says:

    For some reason I saw C3P0 in the picture and was somewhat disappointed that it was just a post on kooky cutter typo sans serif. Nevertheless I would like to spell my way to better health and see this as a definite path to take.

  21. Rosscott says:

    I was hoping for Garamond Rolls. All the serif, none of the guilt.

    Then again, I’d rather be kerning.


  22. Anonymous says:

    amazing! they should make them gill sans

  23. jimh says:

    I kern has Futura Extra Black? Moar surface area.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Serif free is false advertising in this case. Maybe serif-lite is more apt. I might be a bit of a type OCD but as far as I can see there are two serifs in this very photo. Can you spot them?

    • SamSam says:

      A see a serif at the end of the ‘a’, but don’t see another one. The curve at the bottom of the ‘t’ doesn’t count, does it?.

  25. jfrancis says:

    I’m on a diet. Do they come in Helvetica Light?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hey, how much are the cutters? I’m in the biz and have been looking for lower case letters.

  27. timebinder says:

    Serif or sans serif cookies, my alimentary canal makes no distinction – I would say it doesn’t really give a crap but that would be a lie, for which I am truly thankful!

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