Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

A fine newcomer to the field of remixes of the WWII British "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" posters, from Etsy seller jenniegee.

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn poster


  1. Simply having yarn is a great help to keeping calm. Yarn in your pocket? What could possible go wrong?

    No yarn? then make sure that you can tell a good one. That will do just as well.

  2. Pity. When I saw the title and picture, I was hoping that this’d be some MacGyver-ish book about the 1001 odd-but-awesome uses of yarn in everyday life.

  3. I always carry yarn in particularly fraught situations, like when traveling. In fact I make a point of exercising my right to knit when I fly. There’s something calming about a ball of yarn and part of a garment on a set of knitting needles, and me with my gray hair and general grandmotherly air.

  4. Surely ‘Keep Yarn and Carry On’ would have been more phonetically pleasing and consistent, whilst conveying the same message?

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