Clear lens face piercing

Screen Shot 2010-01-27 At 5.47.15 PmI haven't seen this particular body mod before, but I don't get out as much as I used to. Is it common?

Clear lens face piercing


  1. I have seen it for the first time right here. And of course all I can think of is “that must be hell on your teeth”

    1. no, it’s right. smirk a little, then feel where your lips are, they’re actually up much higher than where your teeth come together. your lips come together somewhere around your upper gum line, and that’s without a ring of metal pushing them up even higher.

      this is creepy.

      1. your lips come together somewhere around your upper gum line

        My lips come together right where my teeth come together, Francis.

  2. If I’m seeing this correctly, I’m wondering how you can manage to see her top row of teeth through a piercing that far down.

    1. I thought that, too, at first. Then I felt where my teeth were in relation to my top/bottom lip and it seemed just about right.

      I really hope this doesn’t become popular…

    2. That’s a good point. The glass *might* be pulling/pushing her lips in weird directions, but I’m calling fake.

    3. It looks like she is pushing her lower lip upwards to show off the piercing a bit, thus revealing the upper teeth. (I noticed that because I made the same facial expression when I read your comment :P)

  3. It’s like you get two views–one with the person smirking, and the other with their teeth gritted.

  4. Nasty! Ok, I have maybe 120 hours of tattooing and at one time or another several extra holes, but I have never eaten with my mouth open in public; and that is what this is ALL THE TIME eating with your mouth open.

    P.S. say goodbye to those gums in a few years,(abrasion).

  5. Common? I hope not. It’s disturbing somehow that I can’t put my finger on.

    Also probably a lot of fun to be with this person while they are eating :-(

  6. @Lilah

    Assuming this is even real, the place where your face connects to your jaw is right under where that lens is. The height of the lens would push the neighboring face meat up. That’s what gives her mouth that funny upturned grimace. Faces aren’t rigid but teeth and jaws are, so it appears that the teeth are too low.

    1. IF real that is NOT a piercing; someone removed the flesh from the area much like ear cartilage holes/plugs, so that could be real without distorting the face.

        1. Ok, you need to make the hole a little smaller so it won’t pop out, and the plug IS rigid. If the flesh was not removed think how distorted it would be.

  7. Looks photoshopped. Regardless of overbite, her teeth are too far down in comparison to the line of her mouth.

  8. My guess is that IF this was faked it was just a matter of photoshopping the handle off the round mirror tool dentists use to check molars. A reflection in metal would look like clear glass and the round shape is consistent.

  9. It’s not like it’s always going to be transparent. The disk switches out and can be replaced with a solid black (or whatever colour) disk. An opaque disk is still an extreme body mod, but not so in your face like this.

  10. The size and placement is becoming common, the use of glass (pyrex) instead of PTFE for that piercing is uncommon.

    For those calling ‘fake’ – the plug used has curved faces, not flat. Basic science says the viewed image will be distorted.

    As for damage, I know people with these piercing 2-years-plus with them) who have had zero issues with gum abraision. If it is gunna happen, it will happen before then.

  11. This reminds me of that zombie from Land of the Dead whose teeth you can see through a hole in her cheek.

  12. People are wondering why this is disturbing and this is my thought.Its the same reason you don’t bare your teeth at animals because they perceive it as a threat.
    Teeth bared in a smile is no problem, but when we see teeth bared like that your brain starts pinging warning messages and so you start to feel uneasy around someone, just as if they where acting angry.

    1. @Zergonapal
      I think you’re spot on with your comment about bared teeth triggering certain thoughts.

      Me, I find this body mod intriguing. I’m not rushing out to have one done on me, but enjoy seeing extreme mods on others. I find it intriguing to think about WHY people do this, as well as the effects you get,physical, mental and social.

      I have no piercings(anymore), tattoos or other mods but am probably going to get something minor done. Just because. But I would prefer something that I can have disappear if it suits me.

  13. I usually dig body mods because they are an awesome means of self expression … but this one puts me off a little. I think it has to do with being allowed visual access to such an intimate part of someone’s body (I mean, you don’t normally ask to look in stranger’s mouths, do you?) and the way that teeth connecting to the jaw evoke the mental image of skulls. Not that there’s anything wrong with skulls. All put together it’s not an appealing look. I don’t like the placement of the plug, either. It distorts the face and leaves a perma-grimace. Eternal Metal Face might have seemed like a hardcore idea to that person, but it really makes them look like a one dimensional character, instead of someone who is actively evolving their own unique sense of self.

  14. I’d like to think I wouldn’t hesitate to look at someone with an unfortunate deformity, or at the victim of a disfiguring accident. But there are some people whose deliberate body mods are so hideous that I refuse to associate with them, because I’m not willing to look at them.

    They might make fine online friends, though I certainly think their minds must be very different from mine (I’m being polite here). But in person: sorry, Miss Transparent Face, I don’t want to know you.

    Shorter me: Ick. Barf. WHY? Yuck.

  15. Man, what if I could get windows into other parts of my body! What if there could be some kind of flexible plexi thing that would let me see the muscles moving on the side of my torso!

    It would be cool, and it wouldn’t shock people or make me lose job interviews because I’d normally be wearing a shirt.

    1. I think there was a guy on Captain Kangaroo – or was it Romper Room? -that already did that – he had no skin – dang what was his name? my google fu wasn’t strong enough

      1. @Tom Hale: Yes! My girlfriend mentioned him the other day, and I think she said Captain Kangaroo. I’ll see if I can find out.

  16. it’s real. there is clear jewelry out there, clear acrylic/glass/whatever plugs.

    god, its so ugly though

  17. reminds me of those cows used for science with sight glass on the side of their body to peek aat their digestive system or four stomachs… like this…

  18. I would definitely call fake on this one. That far down, you would only gum, and lower teeth … but a definitely possibility for something real!

  19. I’ve seen and read about this and believe it was real… and, was actually a demonstration of what kind of jewelery NOT to wear.

  20. Thx Felton, Strangepork, anon.

    I wonder what Adult Swim’s version of Slim Goodbody would look like – if I can go THAT far off topic

    1. Heh! I completely missed that your question was already answered in previous comments.

      Adult Swim’s version might emphasize different body parts.

  21. That is in fact a piercing, it’s just a stretched one. It’s a labret that’s been stretched, just like you see people stretch their ear lobes. This individual simply chose to wear a clear plug, and the size of it pushes the lower lip up past the top row of teeth.

    1. Thank you. My teeth meet just under my lower lip with my face relaxed as well. That and the convex shape of the jewelry is going to lead to some visual distortion showing a wider scope of view than most people would expect.

      I’m surprised that people would find this so impossible to believe. Heck, you can look through National Geographic for bigger examples if you don’t want something full color and USian from something like BMEZine.

  22. Sign me up for a viewing window sternum replacement. How better to confront your own mortality than to watch your heart relentlessly pumping away every day.

  23. I’m Team Fake, based on the image after the link. There’s not enough lower jaw if her teeth are where the image indicates.

  24. I’m wondering where all the saliva and grime is. It’s perfectly clean and there’s no meniscus of saliva at the bottom. Unless she polished it and then dried her lower lips out with a towel and then replaced it, that’s the part that strikes me as unrealistic looking.

  25. Now that I’m employed, I don’t hang out around the more radical lefty parts of Ann Arbor as much as I used to – but I doubt that this would appeal in the current climate.

    0 degree Fahrenheit weather would make this particular body mod painful.

    On the other hand, everyone is wrapped up anyway, so who can tell?

  26. That’s kinda sexy. Too bad she didn’t have some matching work done with her earlobes, etc. I wonder if she has her tongue bifurcated with some beads in the ends as well…

    Anyways, I’ve seen grommets in cheeks, and in the lower lip, so using a clear one might freak out folks not expecting a little extra show, but it doesn’t bother me. I like people who are willing to take chances and stand outside of the norm; they are certainly more entertaining than those who never take chances. And, anyways, who ever said beauty was merely skin deep? I mean, everybody was thinking about what a wonderful personality she has, right? ;)

  27. …and it’s NOT fake. The teeth LOOK low because the jewelry is pushing the lip up, creating a bit of an optical illusion.

  28. My cat has lived her whole life indoors, never had to hunt, but when a bird flew in the window one day she got up and jumped on it, claws out, teeth going for the throat.
    She didn’t know what the hell it was, but something in her blood said to kill it.

    That’s how I feel about the person in that picture.

  29. It looks like a lower lip tunnel to me. As far as the teeth location, you have to check against other body parts as the placement of the teeth in relation to the position of the nose and the chin. It looks about right. Still, I sure can’t find any other examples.

  30. She? Okay….

    Was at a food court the other day, dude at New York Fried had ink all over his neck .. not pretty stuff, but home brew evil shit.. the stuff you don’t feel comfortable examining too closely, because there’s bound to be some swastika or skulls in the mix.

    Needless to say I didn’t eat there because as an employer myself, no friggen way I would present that shit to my customers.

    It is a major turn off in the food service industry. Go fix cars or something.

  31. there was a wtf post on reddit the other day with a picture of a dude who had a labret ring that size, but it had an opaque cap on it. There was a picture of him sticking his bi-furcated tongue thru the open hole. He also had 2 large nose holes and 2 huge ear loops that he could fit his fists thru. Does anyone have the link?

  32. For those who say this is anatomically impossible or unlikely:

    Look in a mirror with your mouth in a neutral expression and slightly open. Most people will be able to see part of their upper teeth (also note that if you shut your mouth, keeping a neutral expression, all that’s moving are your lower lip and jaw).

    As others have said, the disc itself is distorting the lower lip-line up from a neutral position, so you would naturally see a bit more of the upper teeth than if the lip were not distorted.

    That said, I have enough worries about people seeing food stuck in my teeth.

  33. Who cares where the teeth are? Even if the picture’s a fake, if you were going to design one of these, wouldn’t you use a concave or convex lens to distort the image so that the teeth were visible? That’s the most desirable outcome.

    If you didn’t make the teeth visible, what use would it be? To have people stare at your gumline?

  34. It’s like she has two mouths…reminds me of the adult version of the thing from “Alien”. To complete the effect, she needs to get a body mod where they surgically implant little rows of teeth in her split tongue!

  35. The tooth position looked weird to me at first. Then I inspected my own teeth. With my mouth closed in a relaxed position I can feel the ridge of the bottom of my lower teeth just below my lower lip. Exactly the same as this photo. I really don’t like this piercing.

  36. It’s only 7 am and that is, with out a doubt, going to be the stupidest thing I see all day.


  37. Not only is it disturbing to look at, but it seems to make people think that he’s a she for some reason…

        1. Sorry for the confusion over gender, but apart from the “Visible Body” implant, he got a awful purty mouth.

  38. I usually dislike body mods because they look nasty … but this one I REALLY dislike because it looks REALLY nasty.

  39. “Please look at me! Notice me! Look what I have done to myself! I’m different! I’m special! Look, Look over here! You’re totally freaked out aren’t you? If you don’t like it, it’s just because you’re not cool enough to understand my self expression. I’m a radical non-conformist just like all my friends who also slice themselves up for attention.”

  40. IMHO this person is in serious need of psychiatric help. Mutilating your face to get attention isn’t just bizarre, it’s disturbed.

    1. One person’s “mutilation” is another person’s culturally acceptable body modification. I’m guessing there are some cultures where piercings through ear or nose or eyebrow are “mutilation”. I try to do my part in pushing this culture to stop accepting mutilation of foreskins, especially on creatures too young to communicate consent or even formulate a reasonable consent to it.

      Anyway, it’s interesting where we draw the line and where some people push that line. Not interesting enough to actually do it or encourage it.

      Could someone please get Julia Kristeva or another Lacanian theorist to incorporate this into their discussions of The Abject?

    2. Best comment. I can’t believe all the “Gee, I don’t know how I feel about this.” Jesus fucking Christ.

  41. Yes, instead we should be paying attention to celebrities who’s body mods are designed to make them look like sex fantasies of teenage boys.

    Mutilating your face to get attention isn’t just bizarre, it’s disturbed.

    But boobies are A-OK, right? labiaplasty? How about anal, vaginal or nipple bleaching?

    Or how about just a plain nose job which is mutilating one’s face to get the right kind of attention?

    This person disturbs you, so you want them to be forced to conform to standards that don’t, is all.

  42. Those are some gnarly teeth. Wouldn’t that thing get in the way of certain adult oral activities?

    Do not want.

    1. I would think you’d just pop out the lens and then you’d have increased options for oral activities.

      Come to think of it, some devoted fan of Warhol or Udo Kier could try making a lens-filled hole in his/her torso.
      “To know death, Otto, you have to f*** life in the gall bladder!” – Udo Kier in “Flesh for Frankenstein,” justifying what he was caught doing to a corpse.

  43. You know, it really begs to be combined with grills, or maybe tooth filing, for that double helping of ick.

  44. It reminds me unpleasantly of a teaching aid they had for agricultural and veterinary students at my university–a cow with a window put into her side so you could see the workings of her digestive tract.

  45. I’d like to know what it sounds like when this person tries to talk. On second thought, no I wouldn’t.

  46. To each their own I guess, but my take is that’s just nasty. Must look like a second mouth when she doesn’t have a disk in there.

    So, what happens if/when she decides she’s no longer cool with having a huge hole through her lower lip? I can’t imagine something like that just healing. Cosmetic surgery to close it up?

  47. Real. Just thinking of how pushed up the lips are and placing my fingers on the stretchy skin where this has been placed (that would stretch away from the chin). I think this is neat, you know I’ve seen the opaque ones but this really shows you how distorted our ideas about how the body should look really are.

  48. Just think-nxt this person will get a similar item placed in their intestines, so they can watch the entire process. Add in a mirrored toilet bowl….
    I’m glad that I’m unlikely to encounter that on the train.

  49. In M. John Harrison’s SF novel, “The Centauri Device”, there is a cult called the Openers who have clear windows set into their bodies to reveal their internal organs.

    Evidently it’s later than I thought.

  50. I don’t know if this is fake, but I know how to fake it. Take a picture, stick it to the bottom of the lens. Stick the whole thing to your chin. In this case, it might be just a large flat “knob” for a chin piercing, like the one on her top lip.

    This is a possible explanation for why the upper teeth appears to be lower than it should be. The camera is too high. If the camera were slightly lower, the picture will look right.

  51. Only did a cursory glance through the 100+ comments, but surprising, I might be the first one to say: I like it!

    IMHO you people need to lighten up. Sure this particular body mod might not be your “cup of tea” – but gross? disturbing? Limiting her to minimum wage jobs?

    1. I don’t know if it will limit her to minimum-wage jobs (there are telecommuting and freelance ones, after all, and I’m sure the pro-body-mod community has some jobs above minimum wage), but it IS gross and it IS disturbing. Also ugly, repellent, and anti-social.

      Yeah, she has a perfect right to do it. It’s her own body. You also have a perfect right to overstuff your mouth with food and talk through it, letting partially-chewed blobs drop from your lips to the table. It’s rude as hell, but within your rights (and in manners, if you don’t get caught it doesn’t count).

      You have that right—in private. Do it in a restaurant and you’ll be thrown out, and rightly so. You don’t have the right to be so disgusting that you spoil other people’s ordinary enjoyment of a meal.

      On the street, people aren’t as trapped as they are in a restaurant, so being as disgusting as this person (and I tell you truly that only the distance of a photograph kept me from actually vomiting when I saw this) is not as terrible. People can just turn away and walk past her.

      Other people have a perfect right to tell her what they think, of course. I doubt she’d care; you don’t do things like that to your face if your feelings are easily hurt, or if you give a flying fuck what strangers think of you.

      So I’d have a perfect right to say “Ugh, you’re hideous!” to her if I met her in person (if I didn’t vomit). Rude? Damn right it would be. But no ruder than going around in public with a window in your face (when you chose that, I stress: someone who had something similar for medical reasons is unfortunate, not reprehensible).

  52. Yes we can make more than minimum wage.
    And within the body mod community it actually is quite common just not always wearing a clear plug.
    Not a fake.

  53. I just don’t find it all that ugly, and I’m hard pressed to figure out how it harms society.

    Are people with facial deformities they didn’t ask for unintentionally harming society? Like negligent homicide or something?


  54. really interesting looking, i actually kind of like it.

    i think people should be left alone to make their own decisions re: job hunting and aesthetics. really its no one’s business but her own.

  55. I’ve been expecting these since the macs started the fad of making transparent things at the turn of the century. I don’t have any piercings or other body art myself, but I think it’s kinda cool, and interesting, and have a hard time understanding how people can be so vehemently offput by it.

    But that in itself is amusing. Art’s meant to evoke emotions, and bodyart’s no different there I guess.

  56. Ha, if it were photoshopped (I cringe just to say it) those teeth would be perfect. And they’re… not. As for the position of the teeth being ‘too far down’, I’d assume 2 things are at play, perhaps a little distortion form the glass lens itself, and also the dude is showing it off so has brought his lower lip up a bit.

    As with most bodymod stuff, it just leaves me cold.

  57. With the full pic (which I can’t see at work) I see that. But only the Adam’s apple is conclusive. He’s pretty androgenous otherwise.

    Nice looking though, except for the item under discussion, which renders him hideous. What a shame. What a terrible wast of an otherwise nice face.

  58. This picture is real.It is a stretched labret piercing .Possibly scalpeled larger to begin with.This is way more common than you realize if your in the bod mod world.Just most people dont use clear plugs like that.Mine was scalpeled at 3/8ths of an inch,which is quite a bit smaller.But i know several people with large labrets.I know people with them even bigger.But its not photoshopped at all.

  59. It’s perfectly real… and it’s quite possible that’s just an eyelet, not a lens of any sort. Labret piercings are quite common. Stretched ones, not so much. I would guess that this choice of jewelry was just done for the photo, or something… not as something to be worn every day. More pictures of large gauge lip and cheek piercings.

  60. Holy Crap, that’s even worse than the holes in the ears. I would have to think that such a piercing would go hand-in-hand with bi-monthly dentist visits, to keep up with your teeth.

    Eating in public would be right out. I used to work (30 years ago with a fellow who had a problem with food falling out of his mouth as he ate (he blamed the hundreds of psilocybin trips he’d done in the years past). The rest of us just knew not to be facing him when we were eating lunch.

  61. It’s interesting, but what’s more interesting is the responses from people. I think I kind of like the bared teeth = discomfort argument, but more research is needed!

  62. I called this fake when I first saw it. My three points were:

    1) unnatural line on right lower lip going down the jaw. Even if the lip is being pulled, there is a predominate line that just jumps out at you. Then again I’ve never seen anyone with a gaping hole in there lip so, who’s to say this isn’t what it would look like?

    2) Image is scanned but no moire pattern over lip. The image is scanned, of that I’m sure. What bugged me is when I tossed it in Photoshop there is no Moire pattern over the lower jaw area (moire = what you get when you scan a halftone image, i.e. a magazine).

    3) Why can I see the top teeth? I’ll give you that it could be the teeth because if you stick your finger in between your lips when closed… it’s pretty close.

    All in all, I just wasted 5 minutes thinking about something that effects me in no way, shape, or form so…

    mission accomplished.

  63. This is definitely real, and while labrets *that* size aren’t common, stretched labrets even above 10mm are not uncommon at all. And to those who think it’s fake because you can see the top teeth – have you ever tried pushing your lower lip up your face a little, so the lip is up around the upper gum level? Try it now. Wasn’t hard was it? The jewelry this guy is wearing is just doing that.

    Original MogBlog post:

  64. Honestly, I would have to see video, of this to believe that it’s not photo shopped. But if it is real, then that guy needs to take care of his gums better. They are looking WAY too tender.

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