Peter Serafinowicz on the new Apple iPad


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  1. nixiebunny says:

    And he even got the price right!

  2. dole says:

    Peter tweeted about doing an interview for BB a week or two ago while here in the States doing voiceover work… that still forthcoming? Hopehope?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Steve Jobs updates the Etch-a-Sketch! Do you reboot by shaking it?

    Or maybe it’s the large print version of the Iphone or Ipod touch for when the hip young Apple heads get too old and shaky to see the smaller versions or hit the right key on the touch pad! LOL!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Probably not too difficult to get right ahead of time. It’s very vaguely referring to what Apple is known for. They would’ve filmed everything ahead of time, and all they would have to do today (in less than an hour) would be:

    1. Add Peter’s voice-over saying the word “iPad”
    2. Add the title with the word iPad and the price ($499).

    Now, writing the comedy, that’s hard (and Peter’s great!)

  5. BeAloud says:

    absolutely iLarious :D

  6. Johnny Cat says:

    If this thing is anything like I think it is (I’m seeing massive remote access, face recognition, instant video bufferage, and more) then cool. Even if it isn’t, it seems like a great milestone.

  7. sorted says:

    love it (the vid, not interested in the device, it’s named like a sanitary napkin…cool! you go apple, you go)!

  8. jm says:

    Ha! That “3D game” looks like a flexagon, an origami-like mathematical structure invented around 1940 by Arthur Stone and refined with the help of his buddies John Tukey and Richard Feynman. Slackers, all.

    I was really fascinated by those things as a 12 year old and built many varieties.

    Oooh, now I see there is , time to catch up, I think…

  9. Anonymous says:

    BTW, IBM’s motto used to be ‘Think.’, and they would put that on the cover of little notepads. Those were the original Thinkpads.

    No kidding.

  10. msky123 says:

    So is this what apple started with when they designed it? Or was it iPhone?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Peter Serafinowicz and not Dom Joly?

  12. Church says:

    Oh, Hah! There are analog analogs! I hadn’t realized that before, oh, 1994. But then, I was always a bit dense.

  13. Karlos says:

    Josh Homme’s geek twin?

  14. Sharkhunt says:

    Brilliant: “This can be undone simply by taking out an uncrumpling”

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