Secret safe inside trailer hitch

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HitchSafe is a small, lockable insert that slips into a standard trailer hitch receiver. Not sure how truly useful it is, but I do like secret compartments and safes! HitchSafe


  1. Ah, I was about to say it doesn’t look too secret to me, what with the exposed combination dials and the HitchSafe logo, but then I noticed that thing on the right that looks like a cover. :-)

  2. Hmm…looks like a way to let thieves steal your money and credit cards without having to break your windows.

    I assume this is for visiting the beach, when you don’t wan’t to pack your truck keys with you, or some such, hence the combo lock. I also assume that the “safe” could be easily pried open by anybody with a tire iron–which means anybody since all cars have tire irons with the spare tire.

    Pass on this one.

  3. In the commercial on their site it doesn’t look like the “locking bolts” secure on the inside… meaning a theif can just pop them off and steel the whole safe. This kind-of makes the combination lock on the front a moot point

    1. @bodabing, that’s not how it works at all. You cannot remove the steel attach pins unless the safe drawer has been pulled out, i.e. the safe has been opened. It’s very secure for casual suburban or rural use. People in the city probably shouldn’t lock anything important in it.

  4. I think this has been on the market several years. Not having a towing hitch, nor seeing any reason to store anything there rather than inside the vehicle or (gasp) in a pocket, I never investigated. Four-digit mechanical combo lock is vulnerable to brute-force search, of course, as well as possibly being subject to more sophisticated attacks.

  5. I’ve had one of these exact models on my truck for five years now. Been through five Chicago winters, and my spare key has been dry and secure all along. Highly recommended!

    1. Chas44, is the lock mechanism crud proof? I’ve had my locking tow bar pin ruined by New England winter road crap.

      1. @Wordguy: Yes, the locking mechanism (and the inside of the safe) stay 100% dry and crud-free, as long as you snap the heavy-duty cap on straight and fully. Just follow the instructions they give you and it works like a charm. Really!

  6. @bodabing #6

    The site explains that the device’s locking bolts can only be detached from inside the safe.

    Be sure to read the full product description before you claim it has a fatal design flaw.

  7. Secret, really? There’s a combination right on it! About as secret as the lock on my front door I’d say.

  8. Four digits… that means I have to click-count to 9999 (maximum) before I can get the goodies?
    Kind of tempting.

    1. It’s easier than that. 50% of rednecks will choose 0000 and the rest will choose 1234.

      They still can’t fit much weed in that stash.

  9. This is practical within limits. Fine place to stash your keys and minimal wallet contents while you go for a swim at the beach. Also pretty good for leaving a vehicle key for some other person to retrieve. (ie. “My train departs at 0710, your train arrives at 0830. The car will be in the east parking lot. Hitch combo is 1234.”)
    Those of you panicking about it’s weakness should realize that a serious thief will just be taking the whole vehicle, hitch safe or no.

  10. perfect for my keys while I’m surfing.

    I’ve seen people use the doorknob locks that real estate agents use to lock up houses their showing, but this is much better.

  11. Actually, this is one of the best items I have ever invested in. I no longer have to worry about losing my keys while going for a run. This is a great idea and has saved me more than once from being locked out.

  12. I still say security by obscurity is the way to go for car keys.

    I hide mine in a location that requires a few minutes of interior disassembly to access. The only thing I am concerned about is that many car insurance companies won’t pay for theft if there was a key inside, and I don’t like to lie.

    1. Just put your keys on top of the left front tire. It’s as safe as putting your wallet in your shoe at the beach.

  13. My car has keyless entry, so I could keep a key or wallet inside, and get into the vehicle without keys or a fob. Five digits, and integrated into the vehicle already.

  14. Who would ever use this? Go to any whitewater take-out and you will find that the OBLIGATORY place to stash your keys (which you don’t want to lose during a pearl-dive at Satan’s Cesspool) is on top of the right front tire.

    Stashing your keys in a locked hitch-safe would only confuse your bros (who are transporting your icy cold corpse back to the headwaters by now) or anyone else who simply wants to borrow your truck to get a cold beer at the nearest tavern.

  15. Be would most likely get crushed by a car backing out of a parking spot while you were using the Secret Safe.

    So while you were trying to unlock the safe you are getting killed by a person backing up using a cell phone and eating a donut.

  16. It seems that if you have a trailer hitch on your car/truck, you may want to use it for towing things? I realize that this isn’t a permanently installed item but, by installing it, aren’t you kind of admitting that the purchase of your tow equipment was an expensive mistake?

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