The netbook is dead, long live the netbook: 10 things to know about the iPad

ipadbb.jpg • It's a buck short of $500 for the cheapest model. Wifi only: 16GB=$499. 32GB=$599. 64GB=$699. Wifi and 3G: 16GB=$629. 32GB=$729. 64GB=$829. • The battery is good for 10 hours on a charge, Apple claims, with a month of 'standby.' • It's half an inch thin, weighs 1.5 pounds, and has a custom-cut operating system that will have its own applications. • It has a 9.7" high-res display, but the display is fullscreen: 1024x768. • Books, newspapers and mags, including the NYT, will be available. • iPad 3G models are unlocked, there's no contract, and you pay $30 a month for unlimited data. Don't fall for the $15 250MB deal: if you're interested in this gadget, you'll use more. AT&T users get free use at their hotspots. • It has a 1GHz "Apple A4" chip and flash storage. • It has Wifi-N, Bluetooth, speaker, mic, iPod connector, an accelerometer and compass. No camera. • There's a keyboard dock, turning it into a desktop computer. Expect third party ones that turn it into a netbook, too: making this a category killer app given the cheap, contract-free 3G. • The name is a Fujitsu trademark registration. Here it is at the USPTO website. I wonder if this guy regrets abandoning the mark in 1999. And what on earth is this crazy application filed a couple of weeks ago? IP troll, perhaps? There are others, too, in other fields: Siemens does machines. Coconut grove does bras. Here's another computer-related one, but it's long-dead. More info is up at the Apple store. Update: Now, this list is mostly positive, so check out commenter Robert's 10 caveats. Update 2: Xeni got a hands-on and a photo up close. More later! Previously: liveblog coverage of the event.