Catchy song proves Internet is Made of Cats

Your friends at RatherGood want you to remember: The Internet is Made of Cats. They make an excellent case for this position, as well. (via Charlie Stross)


  1. Who else thinks the internet started in Japan in 2001? I’m missing a joke in there, I think.

    Definitely giggle-worthy though.

    1. omg. I used the viking kittens (to Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song) as the intro to an undergraduate class on the Vikings. It got LOLs, and I had and object lesson about how vikings didn’t really wear horned helmets. I consider this a win-win.
      Too bad they had to pull it. The copy I downloaded disappeared a few years ago. :(

  2. Wow… I’d completely forgotten about kitten bonsai!

    Fun fact, it calls for supergluing the anus of the cat to a hole in the glass bottle, to allow for waste to be expelled.

  3. I remember in 1996 when I started grad school (after being a Web 1.0 webmaster), it was before Web 2.0 blogs and such, but there were a heck of a lot of personal pages with cats (pre-blog blogs, really).

  4. Gods bless Joel Veitch. That guy can do no wrong.

    I’m intrigued by the possibility of a cat-powered network singularity. This may explain why my cat suddenly has a little antenna growing out of the back of her head and can speak twenty different Human languages now….

  5. Certainly educational. I never knew that God killed a kitten whenever He sees someone masturbating. That’s a lot of dead kittens.

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