Enderle praises, dooms iPad

Apple's iPad, announced Wednesday in San Francisco, is doomed. Rob Enderle, a tech pundit famous for downbeat and spectacularly inaccurate Apple predictions, suggests it will be a big hit. [via GlennF]


  1. ITS TRUE ipad is a HUGE disapointment, one only need to look at all the comments on the blogosphere, on engadget,slahdot,boingboing ect. when you google ipad you get ipad Disapointment as the SECOND search item.

    you think thats bad? just look at 4chan or all the other channers going nuts bashing/ photoshoping/ ridiculing the ipad, and these were the iSlates’ BIGGEST cheerleaders/fans. as a matter of fact 4chan gamed the time online poll that was asking if anyone would buy an ipod they gamed the percentage to show 97%NO time online quickly removed that poll soon after that.

    im holding out for a windows tablet, just like all the other disapointed apple iSlate fans…

  2. It’s odd; the complaints about the iPad seem to consist entirely of “it’s a big iPod touch”.

    However, it’s pretty clear it’s designed as a big iPod touch; not as a mini laptop. Complaints that a thing nails it’s design goal don’t really make a lot of sense.

    The failure, if any, is in the over-hype that set expectations of a different point in the product range. There, one could fault apple, though it’s unclear if that’s an apple fail directly, or if it’s just the insane rumor mill Apple’s secrecy creates.

    I think once people stop measuring it against what it isn’t, the ‘fail’ nonsense will peter out.

  3. “I think once people stop measuring it against what it isn’t, the ‘fail’ nonsense will peter out.”

    i think not because it has a 10″ screen that puts it in netbook-small laptop territory and moreover it is marketed as an internet browsing device.

    so without flash it has a crippled internet, without USB it is not a netbook replacement, without e-ink it is not an ebook reader replacement and with only a 10h (likely less)battery it is just a substandard music/video player.

    what the hell are you supposed to do with a big ipod touch? i own one and i can live with the limitations of a music player that has some browsing capabilities music being its core function after all, but i am not sure i could use a MID that cripples the Internet part. what is the iPads core function? it seems to do a lot of things but all of them badly.

    my guess is that it will end just like apple tv, an expensive curiosity. iphone/ipod touch comparisons are not valid because they both had a core function and replaced other solutions for the same problem (a phone and a PMP). the iphone replaced a RAZR the touch added features to the standard music player.

    this thing is a solution to a non existent problem.

    1. I think you’re confused about the target market.

      Think of students, who want to read textbooks, work on papers, and watch online educational content. Why look, it does all of that really well! It’s easily portable in a backpack, it lets students interact with their school, it runs all day for classes and homework, and has iWork to do papers and presentations. Students will love it because it also handles games and music and videos, lets them do portable email and messaging. Hmmm.

      Fail? I think not.

      1. I think you are glorifying students too much- and schools for that matter. My school, Brown, is still tackling emailing, let alone digitizing all of their course publications. Most students already have Laptops to take to class- these laptops are more powerful and not so much more cumbersome than the iPad. The only draw back is their battery life- but it is long enough for the max 3 hour lectures we have. Trust me, no student is going to run out and buy this because, in addition to viewing the internet, it can play some simple iPhone games.

    2. So, without e-ink I simply cannot read a book on my iPhone? Funny, I’ve been “reading” all these “books” for months, but it must have been one big hallucination. The rest of your absolutes are similarly ludicrous; you’re forgetting that Apple was the one that pushed USB as a standard in the first place, and there were whingers similar to yourself at the time insisting that iMac was DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED because of lack of support for legacy ports.

      As per usual, Apple is driving the market and ignoring the determined haters. Dogs bark, caravan moves on, no film at 11.

  4. I think it will be awesome!

    There already are 34 million iPhone units sold and people trained like lemmings on the iphone platform.

    It is a great couch surfing computer and portable note taker for meetings w/keyboard.

    For power computer users it will not replace a netbook/laptop but for average users it does email, music, photos, web and casual games like bejeweled.

  5. Let’s be fair about this, Enderle has made downbeat and spectacularly inaccurate predictions about Linux too.

  6. Everyone posting complaints about how useless a “big iPod Touch” is? I’m guessing y’all are young (30 or under), with strong eyes.

  7. Again: It costs as much as a good netbook with the same battery life, but has fewer features (no keyboard, etc) and far more anti-features (iFascism, etc)

    You’d have to be insane to buy it, or somebody who has way too much money to blow on gadgets.

    Of course, the iRobots will buy them in droves.

    1. So, basically, we’d be insane to disagree with you? Well, thanks, you’ve made it so easy for me.

  8. I’m taking a “wait and see” approach. This is ONLY the first fucking iteration, peeps.

    I seem to remember you same type people balking at a little known device called an iPod back in the day some years ago. Boy, future generations of that thing sure sunk like a brick, huh?

    I won’t buy one until I can use it as a portable, lightweight external monitor to extend my desktop on my laptop when I’m on the road and if I can also optionally use it as a basic Wacom Cintiq device tablet for retouching with a stylus (hooked up wirelessly or otherwise to my laptop).

    Is it all what I want and need now? No, but I’m glad as hell they got it out there in this FIRST iteration and am very much looking forward to the next ones that will hopefully warrant my purchase (see above) and I’m certainly not going to “rage” about it.

    And.. Daemon … you’re wrong it does NOT cost as much as any “good netbook”. A good netbook does NOT have an extremely accurate, high quality touchscreen and quite a few udder features I can think of right off the bat.

    You CAN get a low quality netbook with a SHITTY, innaccurate touchscreen for about the same price though… yes, but NOT cheaper and not as thin and it won’t have the superior OS X-style interface. That said, if I was forced to choose between a netbook running Linux and an iPad, I would choose a Linux netbook with this first iteration of iPad for various reasons, including being tremendously more open. I really do wish Apple would make an iPad Pro that ran regular OS X on the thing.

    To everyone raging here (and all over the internet):

    Personally, I don’t think anyone at Apple really thinks this first iteration will destroy the netbooks or much less laptops. But the next generations that come from this? They probably actually will for many people (probably not me b/c I’m a power user and I need the power of a laptop on the road). They just came on strong to troll people like you and get your nerdgos all aflame.

    It obviously worked and it worked stunningly well. Jobs, you are a marketing genius and talented nerd troller. Hahahaha…. brilliant.

    Rage on, nerds.. rage on… be sure and keep posting about your rage… everywhere you can… Hahaha….

    And then watch the iPad circle back to kick all your asses in future generations. You underestimated the iPod and look where that got you? With your nerd feet in your mouths. Watch what happens this time…

  9. One thing you can rely on after any announcement from Apple, whether it is a new product, an update to an existing one, financial result, whatever, is the screaming and moaning and whining about how appalling it is. Apple could announce a home fusion reactor for free with anti-DRM field, that cures cancer, kills bankers, makes you irresistible to attractive persons of the appropriate gender, prevents bad breath and hangnails and *still* people would whine.

    Well just don’t buy an iPad/iPod/iMac/iPhone if you don’t like it and bugger off and stop wasting bandwidth you moronic dorks.

    A small tablet will be a very useful device in some situations for some people. I think that maybe they will buy iPads. A small display that can play movies and games might for example be quite popular in the back of minivans to keep the kids quiet, so perhaps an iPad would suit that need. A small ebook reader with a decent colour screen would suit quite a lot of people – a laptop is lousy for reading in bed or on, y’know, your lap. A small computer with a 10″ sort of screen would make a very nice slot-in instrument panel for a car or plane or boat. With built in media and navigation capabilities. A netbook, not so much.

    For goodness’ sake it’s a small decent display with a good amount of compute power, a fair bit of storage, wifi, and not expensive. It’s programmable. Use some imagination about what uses it might have. I know some of you out there do actually have a working imagination though it seems rare to see any evidence of such.

    SIWOTI? More like EISOTI.

  10. I think it’s a good first effort in the right direction. The whole laptop concept is getting quite old and outdated, you have to start somewhere.
    As everyone else I’m pretty disappointed in the design itself, as it does look like someone just scaled and ipod touch to that size, which makes the icon placement on the homescreen kind of awkward looking. I think the biggest problem I have with iPed is that it’s still not really an open platform, apple decides what you will and won’t get.
    Nonetheless I think it will be a great device in a few years time (just look at the 1G iPod)

  11. All the badvibes out there harping that the iPad isn’t a full-featured mini-laptop with ports and cameras and whatnot kind of miss the point. If one looks at it as the combination ipod/pda/app-runner/gamebox/all-purpose e-reader it was designed to be it seems pretty on target.

    I can imagine it being a good commuting companion, one that allows me to read email, books, web content, digital newspapers and magazines in a package easy enough to toss in a bag or briefcase or suitcase.

    If enough other people end up adopting it on those terms we could really see another sea change in publishing, one that combines the editorial flavor of old-school publishing with the dynamic aspects of the web and the richer multimedia of what used to be hyped as “interactive TV”. Apple (and the publishing world) clearly hope for this, and the NY Times part of Jobs’ presentation and this SI demo (which predates the Apple release) show a few of the possibilities – and not necessarily even the most interesting ones:

    Of course if no one adopts it, then it’s just another Apple tech novelty, but I’d be surprised if that happens.

  12. Why on earth do you bother referencing Enderle at all? He’s the Ann Coulter of the tech press. Don’t feed the troll.

    (But on the topic of the iPad – personally, I’ve got an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, so “something inbetween” is useless to me. BUT, my brother in law is an IT exec at a large corporation, and they’ve been talking with Apple about equipping their very large sales force with these doodads. It makes sense (up to a point) for them – standard, closed hardware/OS environment, with their own homebrewed apps. (I did warn him about Apple’s cultural “ambivalence” regarding engagement with the enterprise market place…) BUT (the sequel!), I don’t see how Apple quite gets to or sustains 5 million-a-year sales in the US. My call, not a flop, not spectacular success.)

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