Stop motion video of beach scene

Fun stop motion video promo for Australia's TV1. (Via Drawn!)


  1. You could have a steam train;
    if you’d just lay down your tracks.
    You could have an aeroplane, flyin’;
    if you bring your blue sky back.

    I wanna be, your sledgehammer!

  2. A far better (and deliciously crankier) soundtrack for this would’ve been “Peaches” by the Stranglers.

    “Sittin’ on the beaches, lookin’ at the peaches.”

  3. A world inhabited by fruit I can accept, and even a world inhabited by land-lubbing fruit and ocean-going candy, but why, oh, why are there bottle openers in the sea? Am I missing a theme?

  4. Hi there, a sixty40’r here.
    The theme underwater is “refresh”. so there’s mint bubbles, drink straws (those spiky things underwater are all straws) and drink / bar related stuff like bottle openers and napkins. We really worked through the whole series to tie the objects into the themes they were representing. Check em out here
    And Pes has totally nailed this style. We salute him whole heartedly.

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