World of Fedcraft: SAIC buys virtual world company


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  1. Anonymous says:

    They’re already using virtual worlds as training grounds for cross-cultural interactions and simulators for analyzing scenarios. There is nothing new or shocking here, just the military bringing the contractors in-house.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a student of SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, this article freaked me out for a second.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In the early 2000 Forterra inc. use to own But in sometime 2004 there was a black friday and a lot of people were lossing their jobs and such. Than Michael Wilson bought and his company now is called Makena Technologies. However, closed in March 9th, 2010. Before There closed I found out that Forterra gave the rest of the rights they had left from There and hand it over to Michael Wilson.

  4. Wild Rye says:

    Geez, sounds like Gelernter’s Mirror Worlds are coming to pass…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Come to Defense Gametech 2010 ( and find out for yourself what the DoD is doing with serious gaming and virtual Worlds. The OLIVE environment from Forterra is only one of the (better) examples of how virtual worlds are being used for collaborative training and meeting. The best tool that I have seen for actually getting work done an a virtual world is by a company called TelePlace (formerly Qwaq) that was recently acquired by Lockheed Martin. The Air Force is using Teleplace as a component of their MyBase online environment. Teleplace has the best potential of any technology I’ve seen to really move distance learning ahead by a giant leap.

  6. Gregster says:

    Common military and government workflows in Virtual Worlds often look just like the commercial ones: training, project management and operations.

    However, as CEO of Teleplace, the comment that we were acquired is mistaken. We’re an independent company, and we do provide the software for the AirForce MyBase project and Lockheed is a customer of ours. However, we’d have noticed if we were acquired :-).

  7. giulio says:

    I agree that Teleplace is currently the best 3D VR tool for online collaboration and e-learning. But… they have not been acquired by Lockheed Martin, not that I know of at least. Source?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Right. Well, if you wanted to create a virtual world, tracking every citizen, how would you do it? You’d have a platform available in which you could model the country’s geography, then incorporate cellphone data, web browsing data, publicly-available information, credit / banking data for every individual. And people wonder where their taxes go. huh.

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