Geek graffiti in bathroom

I got a chuckle out of this geek graffiti in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant near UC Berkeley. I've seen this gag before in San Francisco, but larger on an outside wall.


  1. I like the grout graffiti (groutfiti?) that I’ve often seen in University bathrooms. Book titles written in pen on the grout between tiles:
    Grout Expectations
    All Thing Grout and Small

  2. Funny stuff! I always get a laugh from the ‘Press Button – Receive Bacon’ graffiti on the occasional hand dryer. ‘Uploading’ might be a little more appropriate for typical bathroom antics. ‘Downloading’ conjures up some truly disturbing images…

  3. There’s some similar geek graff on the wall of the parking lot on Grand street, just before West Broadway. If I remember correctly it says: [ • rec ] with little lines around it suggesting a blinking light.

  4. At an engineering school, in very small print which made you lean forward to read it at the bottom of the stall door in front of you: “If you are reading this, you are sh*tting at an angle of 15 degrees” – hilarious

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