Septic tank truck packed with crap and marijuana

Police busted a drug smuggler trying to shuttle more than 700 pounds of marijuana in a septic tank truck filled with human shit. From CNN:
 2010 Crime 01 29 Arizona.Marijuana.Bust Story.Septic.Drugs.Azdps "Yeah, that really does suck," Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves told CNN. "It's a long way to go to make a bust..."

An officer pulled over the septic tank truck Wednesday after a check of the license showed it was invalid, police said...

After the stop, the officer discovered that the commercial vehicle markings on the truck were also invalid. A subsequent search revealed the bales of marijuana in red and orange packages amid the waste.

"743 pounds of marijuana found in septic tank truck, Arizona police say"


  1. They always get caught for a stupid reason, like not using valid license plates, don’t they? I think you could have even just a 10 question notecard to cover the stupid stuff. Valid plates? Didn’t add a witty ending to the already witty “14,000 (really) gross weight! Oh, yeah, and almost a half ton of weed. 420, etc.”? Driver not catastrophically drunk?

    1. You are so right.
      The biggest cocaine bust that Ireland has ever had was scuppered by stupidity in 2008.
      The coke was taken from a boat and loaded onto high speed dingys but someone had filled the spare fuel cans with PETROL instead of DIESEL. Result, dingys break down, are trashed on rocks and the crew were found clinging onto the 3 million euros worth bales of cocaine as life rafts.
      Someone had done a really good job of waterproofing the bales!

  2. All that time and energy — on both sides — wasted on something that’s REALLY not worth the effort of forbidding.

    Legalize, regulate, tax. It works for alcohol, which is no less dangerous. It works for tobacco, which is more so.

    1. Though I think that a lot (if not the majority) of politicians probably agree that legalizing, regulation, and taxing marijuana would be in everybody’s best interest, it’s not going to happen for one simple reason:

      Nobody could do it without being a hypocrite. The federal government has spent the last half century putting out anti-drug propaganda so forcefully that there’s no simple, quick way to reverse course without fear of being voted out of office. And politicians don’t fear anything more than being voted out of office.

      1. Perhaps you haven’t noticed that there are 20 states that have passed medical possession and/or decriminalization laws. Maybe you also missed the day that Eric Holder announced that prosecuting dispensaries and patients is a low priority for the DOJ.

        It’s *going* to be decriminalized. Probably within the next 10-15 years. State by state until there’s enough pressure on Congress to delist it from Schedule I. At that point, the feds won’t be looking like hypocrites, they’ll be looking like obstructionist idiots stepping on state’s rights.

      1. Alcohol is far more dangerous and unhealthy for the human body than cannabis is. Science tells us so!

        Human shit is far more dangerous to the human body than either alcohol or weed. Well, at least the creepies in the shit.

  3. If I was the cops who found this I think I’d let them go instead. Seriously, fishing it out of that tank? It is just weed.

  4. It’s probably worth mentioning that there is no way in hell this was either the first or last time that pot was concealed in liquified human shit. If I were a drug smuggler, I’d be on the phone TODAY, making lucrative offers to local legitimate septic tank business owners.

    After all, the cops here are pretty much admitting that it was only because the rest of the story was so unbelievably suspicious that they took the extraordinary step of rummaging through the shit payload.

    I wonder if that “edible disinfectant” stuff they sell in produce aisles is also smokable? Stoners might want to look into it!

  5. One conclusion to make from this is that whoever owned this marijuana watches Sons of Anarchy.

    I’m not sure how that helps leads to any kind of conviction, but it says to me that bad guys also like shows about bad guys.

    That’s the first time I’d ever seen the idea of hiding contraband in a waste truck at least.

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