Star Wars sneakers by Adidas


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  1. Dave Faris says:

    Marketing Guy : “So here’s the plan … we’ll make a line of shoes based on a series of movies released 20 years ago. How’s that for bleeding edge, eh?”

  2. jeremyhogan says:

    /me covets!

    Totally agree with #13, they nailed it and this the first time in awhile I’ve felt like collecting them all. But where is Boba Fett? They need a Mandalorian themed pair. Scratch that *I* need a Mandalorian themed pair.

    A set of Lando C. mock-demi-boots would be pretty hot as well.

  3. inFinit Loop says:

    “spendy” ! i had never heard that used until i moved up to portland about a year and a half ago. that cracked me up. i thought it was totally a portland/northwest thing.

  4. dole says:

    These are AWESOME. No love for the “Super Death Star” shelltoes or amazing Vader hoodie with built-in gold cape chain? DAMN!

  5. howardbellin says:

    I think it has a certain flare to it, but for the most part ultra cheezy! and for $200?

  6. toxonix says:

    I can’t decide between the Yoda dockers or the AT-AT high tops.

  7. Xenu says:

    Let me guess: also made in China?

  8. Agies says:

    Totally awesome. But a question: where are you getting this $200 price from? There isn’t any pricing on the linked page.

  9. Engineer_ says:

    I wouldn’t mind a pair of Millenium Falcons!

  10. EH says:

    As long as the ad gets posted as a story, it doesn’t matter how much they cost or where they were made.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      @EH, I don’t get it. Do you really think this is an ad or are you just being a jerk?

      @Agies, I saw them yesterday in a store called in San Francisco.

      • Kylini says:

        David, I think he and other readers (myself included) are pissed at the story (that reads like a paid advertisement) titled “15.5″ Sony E-series looks good for netbook refugees.” I personally find this cool as heck but there’s definitely some resentment from earlier.

        • David Pescovitz says:

          @Kylini, Thanks for clarifying. I’m really sorry that folks confused Rob’s appreciation for that laptop with an advertisement. It wasn’t. If an ad is presented in the format of a blog post, I bet it wouldn’t be hard to figure out. How? Well, for starters, it would be marked ADVERTISEMENT. Apologies for any confusion.

      • SamSam says:

        I think the X-Wing pilot shows above are great looking. I’d snap them up in a second, although I have yet to spend more than $100 on shoes, so probably not.

        @David: I don’t understand, the image you posted is an ad, isn’t it? I don’t see why someone saying so would be a jerk. I’m not saying you should post this, I think the image is pretty cool. But what’s wrong with saying that the image is an ad? If it’s not an ad, who do you think took those photos?

        • David Pescovitz says:

          @SamSam, I don’t know if Adidas used that image in an ad or not. It’s a product shot that I grabbed from the Star Wars Web site. I thought that EH was suggesting that this post was an advertisement that we were paid for, and it wasn’t.

  11. Felton says:

    Do they have any imperial mall-walkers?

  12. eain says:

    They’re ultra-cheezy, but if you removed the Adidas logos and the title names from each shoe (especially the tongue) they’d only be a little cheesy and very awesome.

  13. Felton says:

    Or maybe some bantha track shoes.

  14. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Here’s the real inspiration.

  15. Johnny Justice says:

    Some of them have a cool, subtle style to them. However, the graphics on their tongues ruin it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Amazing, They’ve got this pitch perfect. I love that even the branding feels retro. All of these get it just right as far as I’m concerned, somehow evoking a nostalgia for the way movie merchandise used to be. That’s genius, I swear to god this gives me the exact same feeling I had lusting over the rows of action figures when I was 5.
    Pure marketing genius.
    Love them of hate them you’ve got to admire the skill behind that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product that seemed so intentional on every level.

  17. Avram / Moderator says:

    Not as clumsy or random as Chuck Taylors.

  18. Not a Doktor says:

    I just really glad this isn’t contaminated with any prequel crud.

  19. zio_donnie says:

    i like the Skywalker ones but 200$ is too much. i used to have the han solo model the one with the chronometer on it. those costed 250 euros back at the time i guess the star wars model will be double that?

  20. greengestalt says:

    How much did they give the 6 year old girl who’s barefoot and chained to a post in the floor to sew it? 1c for the day’s work, or maybe not sell her to the brothel this week? Or at least tell her that to get her working really hard before they do sell her? Or just prisoners being beaten as they work. Depends on what nation.

    Sorry, but with Lucas’s money (and fame) he could at the very least open a factory in the USA, both automate and pay decent wages, and make things here, then use his fame to do a real “Turnaround” Most “Overseas Ventures” actually lose money. Despite medieval labor and safety conditions, the officials demand far more in bribes than is ‘saved’. Then the cost of transport and piracy (1) make up the difference…

    Then they scream for “Tax Breaks and Subsidies” to ensure a profit. This is one thing Obama has made clear he’s going to end. It’d be neat if Lucas helped him with it. Return the “Tax Breaks and Subsidies” to hire American workers and end them for anyone who “Cheats” us and then demands “Corporate Welfare”. Make those guys face “Tariffs” so the shoes the lil girl sells cost a ton -to them- while the ones in the states cost far less.

    1. When you ‘hire’ an outsourcing operation and then three times during the manufacturing process try to force them lower, to use melamine in pet food and date rape drugs for Aqua Dots, what do you think they do to get their own paychecks? They use the same equipment and materials and make knock-offs to sell on their markets and sometimes insert into yours.

    I got friends in India who travel a lot. IMO, I’ll probably get these in Singapore for $10 or less as a real “Collector’s item!”

  21. Itsumishi says:

    Some of them are pretty damn ugly. But those X-Wing Pilots featured above are beautiful. The Tie Fighter and Stormtroopers are also pretty nice.

    (Disclaimer: I am a sneaker nut, more specifically I am an Adidas hightop nut, more specifically again I’m a Aididas Hightop Nut and Star Wars fan).

  22. Lemon says:

    I thought they had only released the ones on the site here so far : There are only three shoes but two of them are different.

  23. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    Jesus, I think they really cracked these!

    Honestly, the design in each one is exceptionally verbose, in regards to its theme. They communicate so much in so little, and you KNOW what they represent immediately. I giggled a couple of times thinking “yep, that’s exactly right”. Very well executed.

    Whatever about Adidas, labels and blah; I’m not really a big sneaker guy and I’m far from a merchandise-geek, but the people who designed these did them right.

    And yes, the graphic ones are yucky. I didn’t have to say that, did I?

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