Truck driver forgets to lower his trailer

This is why I'm not a truck driver. I'd forget to lower my trailer on day one. Does anyone know if the people on the pedestrian bridge survived this?


  1. Sorry, I can’t find the link now, but I read a report that all the pedestrians survived the accident.

  2. Eerie watching the one person stop in their tracks as if to say ‘what’s wrong with this picture’, and then fall.

  3. Am particularly impressed with the cars who decide it is okay to keep driving underneath precariously hanging bridge once the dust clears.

  4. Other than the idiot drivers trying to get past the wreck I counted at least 15 people run directly into the wreckage to help. That gives me a lot of hope after a bad day.

  5. Minor miracle injuries weren’t much worse.

    Around here, all we get is the perennial idiot truckdrivers who don’t understand “no trucks” means “because you’ll never get through the underpass in one piece, you idiot.”

  6. At about 40 secs in, it looks like the truck driver enters, grabbing his head. Now there’s a study in body language. I’m sure he’s thinking “What have I done?!” but the funnier caption for this type of accident will always be “Not again!!!”

    Very glad no one was seriously injured.

  7. On any jobsite with trucks, “forgot-to-lower-the-bed” stories abound. This is the worst consequence that I’ve heard of, though.

    I’m not a big fan of buzzers and such- annoyances are bound to be overridden by the operator. I find that the best safety methods are the automatic ones- such as a dump bed that just won’t let you shift into, say, the top 8 gears if it’s up. The truck was designed to dump while moving, but shouldn’t be able to travel that fast with the bed up.

    1. A dump bed doesn’t go up without being powered up, it’s hydraulic, so the controls would need activated somehow. It’s possible but unlikely. It’s more likely that he drove off with it up.

      @anon17: Anecdotal evidence would suggest that’s not the case. There is more than one video of dump trucks driving at high speeds with their bed up.

      1. I have a remarkable amount of experience in this, and you are not correct in your assertion dculberson.

        When these kinds of dump bed trucks are empty, the wind resistance from highway speeds could well be enough to lift an unsecured bed, especially if the hydraulic loop were open and thus preventing the piston from acting as a brake against the lifting force.

        1. I’m definitely willing to believe you there. I have some, but minimal, experience here. I do think, though, that anon17’s assertion is incorrect. A driver would certainly notice the bed lifting under highway speed as readily as they would notice it already being up. They would be less likely to notice it already being up as the handling would be consistent over the entire drive, versus if it went up at highway speeds there would be a relatively sudden change.

          The lesson I get from you though is, make sure the bed is locked down!

  8. I agree that it must have come up accidently and it probably happened just before he got to the bridge.

    If you have ever driven or even ridden in a large truck you know it would be impossible not to notice that huge bed sticking up because of the way it would affect how the truck handles.

  9. I’m so relived no one was killed, it’s horrible seeing that the only guy that even notices the truck coming, and who probably thinks “holy shit that truck is goi-“, is also the only guy that tumbles to the roadway under a pile of debris.

    Now, knowing that they’re all (pretty much) ok, I just love the video. Drama.

  10. I have actually always wondered if I would survive falling from a bridge (either in a car or on foot) and am immensely relieved to see that it is actually at least possible.

  11. I work at an electric company and we had an incident last year where a truck driver left his bed up like this and ended up running through a three-phase line near a substation and knocked out nearly 3,000 customers for about an hour. He took down two 50 foot poles to each side of the span he hit.

    I’ll bet he doesn’t have a job anymore.

  12. I saw this happen about two months ago – but with an enormous backhoe on a flatbed, not a dumptruck.

    The driver hit a bridge used by the TGV (high-speed train in France) — knocked a couple of small pieces off the bridge, but no significant damage. Bent the bejeezus out of the neck of the backhoe, though — I was about a mile behind the flatbed, and heard the noise of the impact inside my car with the windows rolled up and the radio on.

    When I drove by, the guy had pulled the flatbed off into a small parking lot, and was walking down the side of the trailer, mobile to his ear, with an expression of “ohfuckohfuckohfuck” on his face.

  13. Hello.
    This happened a few days ago in Istanbul, Turkey. It was in the news as well. The truck driver was extremely sorry and he was really in the “What have I done?!” state..

  14. Someone I knew did similar with the satellite dish on a brand new outside broadcast van. The bridge won that one.

  15. Similar thing happened in Leicestershire, UK on a railway line: report
    Early on the morning of 01 February 2008, at Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, the 06:13 hrs Nottingham to Norwich train collided with debris from a footbridge that had been knocked down by the raised body of a tipper lorry a short time earlier. The train derailed and continued on for 170 metres.

  16. A friend here in Massachusetts was killed appx. four years ago in a similar accident.

    He was working for a company that made concrete “things” – like giant concrete boxes for septic tanks.

    He drove a flatbed truck that had a big hydraulic arm on it. The arm was used to pick up and lift one of the concrete items off the back of the truck and set it in place.

    He made a delivery, got back in his truck and headed back towards the office. Apparently the hydraulic arm became loose and flipped up into the air. Other drivers honked and flashed their lights to try to warn him as he accelerated down the highway.

    When he reached the first bridge, the arm of course caught and the truck shot out from underneath and landed top-down – killing him instantly in the cabin.

    To make matters worse, the 80 year old owner of the concrete company – his boss – was summoned to the scene. When he returned to his office afterwards, he had a massive heart attack and died on the spot.

    There is a photo of the accident here:

    1. Adam. I was sampling the groundwater at that companies yard that very day. Tragedy upon tragedy. Small world, but I used to live in Norwell.

      1. A small world, indeed. No longer on the South Shore? I live in Kingston. Dan, the truck-driver, lived in Plymouth. He was a sweet guy and has been well-missed.

  17. Trucks like this need annoying “your trailer is still you bloody moron!” reminders or, better yet, a hardwired inability to move more than a mile or two an hour when it’s up.

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