Video of Devo playing in 1973


Enjoy this very low-quality video of Devo playing "Private Secretary" 36 years ago.


  1. My mom went to Kent State in the early 70’s. Every time she mentions college I grill her on everything I know about DEVO in case she ever ran into any of them and didn’t know it. So far no luck.

    Man, they’re so good. Are we not men?

  2. Someone should start the Devo Politcal party…

    Not that I want to bring politics into the coolness of this video. But I’d totally vote for anyone who believed Devo had the right ideas 30+ years ago.

  3. Went to a Halloween party in Devo jumpsuit costume in 1977. Cranked them on the car stereo on the interstate home last night. It’s a beautiful world!

  4. As a huge DEVO fan for about 30 years, it was a surreal feeling when I actually got to speak to Mark Mothersbaugh at one of his art shows. I’m not sure if I came off as a weirdo or something, but after telling him what a big fan I was, he totally blew me off. It left me with such a mixed-up feeling… What happens when your lifelong hero is kind of a dick to you?

    1. That’s easy – you remember that he’s a person too, and one that you don’t actually know. You give him the benefit of the doubt that he was too busy, too tired, or otherwise distracted to give you the full attention you wanted, and remember that liking someone’s work doesn’t mean you will like him or her personally, nor that they will like you.

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