Cartoon about Angry Birds mobile game

I enjoyed this whimsical cartoon for a mobile catapult physics game called Angry Birds. Should I pay $1.99 to get it from the iPhone apps store?


  1. The game looks entertaining. I would buy it just so I could watch the video whenever I like. There is a similar game called Implode! that does not involve the physics/catapult, but you do get to demolish buildings with dynamite.

  2. Oh hell yes! This looks like a variant of Crush The Castle, a game which has destroyed my productivity over the past weeks. I can’t sit still when thinking about how these games will scale up to the iPad. *DROOL*

  3. That video is the current day equivalent of 1980’s video game box art — a significant amount of artwork that has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual game and, if you’re lucky, two screenshots of what the game will really look like.

    I have no opinion on whether or not Mark should buy this game.

  4. That looks very similar to Crush The Castle, a game to which I have become addicted. If you like CtC then this one looks good.

  5. definitely get the game, its pretty fun. never played ctc though… wonder why they charge $2 for apple version, its free from the nokia ovi store. waiting for new levels to be released now.

  6. I’d say, yes, get it. It looks good, and it’s nice to see people putting some effort into their games. Game developers can only survive on the iPhone if you support them, and it doesn’t matter if it’s available for the Nokia for free, they’re different platforms.

    It takes a considerable amount of time and talent to put out something like this, and compared to $4.99 for freaking Tetris on the iPhone, at least you can see where your money is going. The animation itself is a hoot, and I suspect money well spent towards drawing attention to the game.

    It’s gotten tough to develop on mobile, as the gold rush onto the iPhone has left people with the expectation that everything should cost 99 cents, no matter how much effort it has taken. That’s still better than developing for Nokia or Android, though, where the expectation is that everything should be free.

    The interesting thing is that on average iPhone users are spending more yearly on games than your average PSP or Nintendo DS user, even though the games are substantially cheaper. Good for the consumer, challenging for the developer.

    1. “on average iPhone users are spending more yearly on games than your average PSP or Nintendo DS user”

      That is interesting — do you have any data to back up that claim?

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