Sun CEO tweets resignation in Haiku form

"Financial crisis / Stalled too many customers / CEO no more." With those words, Sun Microsystems chief executive Jonathan Schwartz tweeted his resignation.


  1. Yes, a fine valedictory Haiku in the tradition of a disgraced samurai. Now he must commit seppuku and be decapitated by his successor on YouTube.

  2. Points for style.

    (Related: I guess some people pronounce financial with only 3 syllables? Maybe the ‘ial’ bit like ‘eel’? I have a hard time doing it that way. Or maybe I just count poorly or something.)

  3. Clever. Stylish, even.

    But it makes it sound like he’s resigning because his job is too hard. Man up, dude, or at least write a haiku that tells it like it is:

    This shit be hard, man
    I am sorry, customers
    I suck at my job.
  4. If he were a better haiku writer, he’d have managed to squeeze in some sense of personal responsibility in the 5/7/5 format, instead of blaming the “financial crisis”.

    But he is clearly as bad at haiku as he is at business leadership.

  5. stalled as in: failed to respond to requests/questions/phone calls; put off. at least that’s my understanding.
    brits pronounce all 4 vowels in financial: fie-nan-see-al. americans say fie-nan-shuhl.

    1. I’m sorry, but they don’t. Four syllables is just an incorrect pronunciation. Here the result of a quick YouTube search of “British financial”: 22 seconds in, this guy says financial correctly. 24 seconds in, this guy says financial correctly. Both are Englishmen.

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