Amazing Aliens Rap, and other "Amazing" movie-themed rap homages


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  1. jessemoya says:

    HOLY CRAP AWESOME. I would seriously pay upwards of $30 for a dvd of this stuff! I hope they do Avatar, The Big Lebowski, Lethal Weapon… and about a brazillion others!

    Citizen Kane, Titanic, The Room, Jaws, Ferris Bueler’s Day Off…

  2. b00jUm says:

    THANK YOU! As a lifelong ardent fan of the film, this was the greatest related thrill I’ve had yet, second only to my first viewing of the original – a triumphant renting of the VHS after months of unsuccessfully lobbying my parentals to be theatre chaperones.

    To the curious die-hard fan, a caveat: this retreatment is for you alone. No one else could begin to appreciate its 10-minute running length and the relative monotony of its musical accompaniment without having first experienced Cameron’s epic, bum-numbing director’s cut in its entirety. Nevertheless, as a comprehensive remix and retelling of our beloved film favourite, it is absolutely, utterly awe-inspiring (and an object lesson to James Cameron in the art of skillful editing – give these guys a job on your next screenplay, Jim – you need them!)

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