15 Responses to “Peter Serafinowicz: Boing Boing Video interview”

  1. ihakes says:

    Most people around these here Internets are probably more familiar with his voice-over work; in particular, as the voice of Darth Maul.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kewl. Peter Sellers ! “Bout time someone completely imitated him and proved how worthy he was. Poor bastard.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He was also the voice of Darth Maul, and the voiceover for Batchelors super noodles!

  4. politeruin says:

    The Mactini…


    Been on bb before but it’s probably my favourite of the spoofs.

  5. MooseDesign says:

    Aside from an apparently keen eye for wicked wing chairs, he is has a wicked brilliance. I admit I was not familiar with his work beyond Shawn of the Dead, so thanks for the heads up! Love those Beatles riffs!

  6. gamerrboy says:

    I can’t help thinking of his Darth Maul voice whenever I see him!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who did the painting, and who is the subject? Artist’s conception of PS as aged? Very nice….looks like a Lucian Freud.

  8. kingzilch says:

    Good stuff. I’m all for Serafinowicz getting the props he deserves, but I’m still not convinced that Yellow Submarine needs a remake.

    Magical Mystery Tour, sure, but not Yellow Submarine.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Better than a casserole!!

  10. baph says:

    His delivery as Duane Benzie on Spaced was also pretty much completely brilliant.

  11. codeman38 says:

    I wish they’d release both Look Around You and The Peter Serafinowicz Show in Region 1. Because I’d so totally buy them.

    Heck, I’m actually considering buying the Region 2 imports, as I have a region-free player.

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