Peter Serafinowicz: Boing Boing Video interview

Today on Boing Boing Video, part one of my interview with actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz, whose "Peter Serafinowicz Show" DVD just came out this week. He's starring as Paul McCartney in the Robert Zemeckis remake of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, his Apple parody ads are the stuff of viral legend, his #PSQA tweets delight mutants throughout the globe, and fans of his BBC show find much to LOL in the likes of Brian Butterfield and the robot talk show host Michael-6. Or perhaps you remember him in Shaun of the Dead, or from Tarvu, or Look Around You? No matter. If you're not familiar with any of this, just watch our interview, and you will be.

psshow.jpg VIDEO: YouTube, or download MP4.


  1. Aside from an apparently keen eye for wicked wing chairs, he is has a wicked brilliance. I admit I was not familiar with his work beyond Shawn of the Dead, so thanks for the heads up! Love those Beatles riffs!

  2. Good stuff. I’m all for Serafinowicz getting the props he deserves, but I’m still not convinced that Yellow Submarine needs a remake.

    Magical Mystery Tour, sure, but not Yellow Submarine.

  3. I wish they’d release both Look Around You and The Peter Serafinowicz Show in Region 1. Because I’d so totally buy them.

    Heck, I’m actually considering buying the Region 2 imports, as I have a region-free player.

  4. Most people around these here Internets are probably more familiar with his voice-over work; in particular, as the voice of Darth Maul.

  5. Who did the painting, and who is the subject? Artist’s conception of PS as aged? Very nice….looks like a Lucian Freud.

  6. Kewl. Peter Sellers ! “Bout time someone completely imitated him and proved how worthy he was. Poor bastard.

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